Pool Reservations

7 reasons why members want them in 2021!

7 reasons why members love pool reservations!

#7. Guaranteed seating is an obvious amenity!

Remember when it was only the nicest movie theaters that had reserved seating. Soon after though, nearly every theater did, and now it’s only the gross, cheap theaters that don’t. Reserved seating became the status quo, for a good reason. People love it. 

A member’s only swim and tennis club is a luxury. Your people pay to be there. Members should be able to use the club without having to put their bags against the fence or ask some kids if they are really using that table.

Parents don’t want to pack up 3 kids, a cooler full of food to grill, and leave it to chance that they might not get a table to eat at.


#6. No camping out.

If your club has 250 memberships, and your pool area has 25 tables, this means only 1/10 of your families can potentially be seated at any given time. If one family spends ALL DAY at the pool, that’s a HUGE percentage of your overall seating. 

A three or four hour max reservation time on weekends would give more families the opportunity to fully enjoy what they paid for.  Side bonus: it prevents day-drinkers from doing ALL their day-drinking on the premises. 🍺🍺🍺 🚗💨

#5. Safety. And we aren’t just talking about Covid.

Many of our clients signed on for the reservation grid’s ability to load balance members, fairly allot reservations, and have contact-tracing logs if there was a Covid issue. But we’ll figure the whole pandemic thing out eventually.🤞

 A pool with fewer people in it IS a safer pool!  Weekends require multiple guards for a reason. Any pool can get dangerously packed on a busy day.  But have you ever seen a guard prevent more members from going in because they felt overwhelmed. Doubtful.

Is your capacity just a number on the wall, or do you have the tools in place to actually adhere to it.

#4. The pool resets like clockwork.


With specific enter and exit times, the start of every reservation block can feel like the pool magically just opened.  For example, the noon-to-3pm reserved crowd will usually have left 15 minutes before the 3pm-6pm group.

Yup, that means front row parking for everybody!!


#3. It’s cleaner!!!

Members are being MORE responsible for cleaning their own areas because the reservation grid holds them accountable. “Who spilled a half a can of Pringles in this area before me? Let’s just check the website.”

Guards can also spot-clean or santize between reservation blocks when no one is there.  🧹🦠

#2. Members get to see who WILL be there.

Signed in members will be able to see ahead of time who will be there. This is a great way to learn new member’s names, reconnect with families you wouldn’t normally hang out with, or find members to place group to-go orders with.

With a little planning ahead, members can also book tables next to each, or book back-to-back times at the same table. So if the Smith family is already planning to sit with the Pond family, one can book the noon-to-3pm slot, the other can book the 3pm-to-6pm slot, for a combined 6 hours. 

Privacy is always a consideration at PoolDues. Members can leave in their full name, write their initials, or a psuedo-name. Board members can of course, see full details of every reservation

#1. Avoid the people you really, really don’t like.

You’re a Board Member, right. You’ve probably pissed off an entire cul de sac by now.

Now you’ll know when NOT to be at the pool.

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