Accounting for offline money with the Manual Payment option

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Accounting for offline money with the Manual Payment option

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If someone pays by check, you have the OPTION to manually account for their payment using the Create Manual Payment tools.

This will create a payment in the backend that wasn’t actually paid through Paypal, but is treated like it was. Doing so will make sure the member is added to the Membership database (if they are new) or if they are renewing their membership it will extend their expiration date by 1 year (or to your fiscal calendar).

Manual Payments will affect your financial reporting, so please read the following links…


To Create a Manual Payment

Step 1: In the Board Member Dashboard go Financial > Create a Manual Payment

Step 2: Find the product you want to create a payment for….


Step 3: Next add an existing customer or create a new one.

If the member was imported to your Membership database, for example, if this is your first year using PoolDues, they won’t be listed as a Customer yet. In this case, just enter their name and the email address already listed in the Membership Database.







Step 4: Choose to send the purchase receipt to the buyer or not.

If you think the customer may get confused by the purchase receipt from an offline payment, then toggle this off. For everyone else, this is a good way of telling them you received their check and their membership was processed.






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