Advanced Booking Add On

Advanced Booking Add-On
An upgrade module for our clients that want to monetize their reservation grids in new ways.
Pre-Paid Passes for clinics & classes.
Your reservation grids can be used by members to reserve tennis courts, swim lanes, tables, etc, but they can also act as a scheduling tool for paid classes, clinics, events, catered dinner nights, you name it.

For our clients with very in-demand classes we've developed a faster way for their members to enroll in pay-to-attend programs.
Sell passes ahead.
Members will load their accounts with passes for upcoming events or classes. Selling ahead or limiting the number sold helps your organization understand what the demand actually is, and plan accordingly.
Instant enrollment.
Since members will sign up using passes already in their account, the moment they tap to enroll the availability in the clinic or event is immediately adjusted. Never go over capacity again!

Members can also un-enroll from whatever they have signed up for and receive their passes back. This cuts down on the need to refund members.
Tennis Guest Passes
Are your members supposed to pay for court guests? Our Advanced Booking Add-On can also be used to subtract Pre-Paid Tennis Guest Passes when booking.
How's it work?
To start monetizing your grids with Tennis Guest Passes, we recommend creating multiple reservation types that either require another member's name during the time booked OR require a guest pass.

So for example, member John books a Singles reservation. If he is playing with Jake (another member), John will list Jake on the reservation. If your grid only allows one reservation per day per member, neither John or Jake can book again today. If John wants to play with a non-member, he will pick a reservation type named something like Singles with Guest. If John has already bought Tennis Guest passes, 1 is then deducted from his account.
Upgrade for free.
If you are an existing client that would like to try out this module for free, contact us. Once your club is seeing extra revenue from it, the license is an additional $500/year.

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