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    The first of what will probably be many articles on what (I think) makes for a great pool social director.

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    What types of memberships should your pool & tennis club offer?

    Family membership, couples, singles, seniors? We’ll discuss which your pool / tennis club should offer

  • How to avoid Paypal fees for 501c Organizations like Pools

    How to avoid Paypal fees for 501c Nonprofit Organizations like Pools

    Short answer is you can’t, but keep reading, we’ve got a solution that will make any budget-saavvy Pool Board happy.…

  • What’s your pools Member Enrollment Policy?

    What defines a “family” can be tricky these days. And at least once a year, someone will try to negotiate…

  • How to get more members at your pool or club?

    Drop your out-dated application process, and treat your pool’s website like an actual shop. One where members can actually buy…