Bees! Keep Them Away From Your Pool This Summer

This summer, keep the bees away from your pool and keep everyone happy!

It seems like as the pool season goes on, the bee problem gets worse and worse. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the increasingly overflowing trash cans. Maybe it’s the increase in food brought to the pool. Actually, the bee problem is worse at the end of the pool season!

Here are some facts about bees that you may or may not find interesting:

  • They hibernate in the winter
  • They’re most active between August and October (hence the reason it feels like there are more bees at the end of the pool season)
  • They become more aggressive as the season goes on because they’re protecting the hive and preparing the queen for winter
  • They’re very active around garbage cans and food
  • They are inactive at night
  • Peak activity time is the afternoon

What can you do to keep these guys away from your pool? Try the following suggestions:

  • Put screens on areas where bees may congregate like holes in the wall, holes in wooden fences or signs, and rain spouts.
  • Remove the entire beehive. (Becuase bees are so critical to our environment, it’s a good idea to relocate a hive rather than destroy it. Just relocate it sufficiently far enough away from the pool. It’s best to hire a professional beekeeper who can safely remove and relocate the nest.)
  • Clean out your garbage cans daily – don’t let the trash pile up!
  • Don’t let sweet sticky beverages sit out too long. Promptly clean any spills of sweet beverages.
  • Think about setting up a bee waterer away from the pool that will attract the bees away from the pool. You could also plant bee-friendly and brightly colored plants far away from the pool to attract them away from the pool.
  • Try putting dryer sheets strategically around the pool (put them in a basket or some other decorative cup).
  • Try mixing peppermint oil and water (1 pint of water to 30 drops of oil) and spray it around the pool deck.
  • Try placing planters of lemongrass, citronella, spearmint, and mint around the pool, especially near the garbage cans.


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