Being on the Board Shouldn’t be a Full-Time Job

Do your Board members feel like the pool is a full-time job? Especially your treasurer and your membership chair? If you’re still using snail mail to send paper invoices to your members, your poor treasurer and membership chair probably do have a second full-time job–at least in the spring when most clubs collect dues.

If your club has 250 member families, that’s 250 invoices you need to print out. 250 envelopes that need to be stuffed. 250 envelopes that need to be addressed. 250 stamps that need to be licked. Then, there are 250 individual checks that trickle into the post office box. That’s multiple trips to the post office and maybe 20 trips to the bank, assuming the treasurer holds on to multiple checks until it’s worth his or her while to make a trip to the bank. (Don’t even get me started on holding on to checks. When I write a check, I want it deposited immediately. I don’t want it held on to for weeks, making it come as a surprise when the money leaves my bank account. Honestly. It borders on rude to hold on to someone’s check for an extended period of time. But I digress…)

How about this instead: Your treasurer clicks a few buttons on the admin page of your Pool Dues website. That’s it.

Sure, there are all sorts of cool things your treasurer and membership director can do behind the scenes (check the links below), but the best thing about a Pool Dues site is that dues paying is taken care of with a few clicks! No paper invoices. No envelopes. No stamps. No trips to the mailbox. No checks. No trips to the bank. Not convinced? Check out some of the behind-the-scenes stuff for your treasuer and membership director.


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