Automate your dues

Give members more ways to pay online and they will. Options like...

  • Automatic Yearly Recurring Payments
  • Spring Installment Plans (3 or 4 monthly payments)
  • Or simple, One-Time Yearly Payments.

  • After paying, every membership is organized in our one-of-a-kind Board Member dashboard created specifically for neighborhood swim and tennis clubs. We understand every Board is made up of volunteers each with important roles and responsibilities only they should have access to.

    Worried about security?

    All banking data is stored with PayPal so your site never stores personal financial info. Regardless, every PoolDues-powered site includes an SSL certificate.

    Paypal is great for receiving money. Not so great after that. Which is where we come in.

    When a family pays on your site...

    They are automatically added to your membership for a year. Or until your next fiscal calendar begins. They can reserve tennis courts, book facilities, and use other member-only features. After their year expires, they can't.

    They are automatically added to your membership for a year. Or until your next fiscal calendar begins. They can reserve tennis courts, book facilities, and use other member-only features. After their year expires, they can't.

    Invoice in seconds.

    Send mass invoices to everyone that needs to pay. Our system won’t invoice a member that has already paid this year or on an Automatic Payment profile.

    Export sales data to CSV. Filter by membership type, product, customer, or time frame.

    Billing and product management just for neighborhood pools…


    Eliminate most check payments and encourage members to just pay online, like most people prefer to anyway. We set it all up for you. One-time member payments (with or without initiation fees) and best of all, recurring Automatic Yearly membership payments.


    When members purchase through your PoolDues-powered site, we keep track of when their membership is due. Your Treasurer will never need to manually note who has paid. When it’s time to invoice members, the system will figure out who will receive an invoice, and ignore those that are currently paid or setup for Automatic Payments.


    Does your club Treasurer have to manually log every check and payment sent to the club?  Not to mention, regularly emptying cash boxes and adding that up. It’s an accounting nightmare. And somehow they volunteered for it. Generate reports from a single storefront for everything.

    One-Time & Yearly Rebilling for Members

    Start collecting member dues through a brand new website we setup entirely for you. When given an option, you’ll notice about one-third to one-half of members choose to setup a yearly automatic payment with your club. This not only helps retain members but also saves you from having to invoice them each year to remind them to pay. 

    Payments are sent directly to your club’s PayPal account. PayPal handles all credit card and e-check payment processing.  If you already accept Paypal, your costs will be exactly the same. You can optionally choose to pass on PayPal’s service fees to your members. Pool Dues does not add on any charges per payment. 

    New members that join mid or late summer can choose to set up a Recurring profile. The reason why is simple…

    A family that moves into town in July still has plenty of time to enjoy the pool, but they tend to avoid joining a club until the next season. They think that if they wait, they can get a full summer’s worth for their money. By offering an Automatic Recurring membership that gives them exactly 1 year’s time (for example, July 20 to July 20 the following year), most new families will take it! 

    This is a new concept for many board members because they only think in terms of memberships starting / expiring at a specific date for every member. This actually short-changes any new member that doesn’t join during the narrow application window.  

    Bottom-line, you want new members as soon as possible. Money today is always better than money in 9 months. By not offering a Recurring membership, you potentially lose that member to a nearby club that does, or the family starts a monthly membership at a fitness center with a pool and loses interest in a neighborhood pool altogether. Or, by the next pool season, the family has met new friends that convince them to join a different club.

    Ideally, every member should set up a Recurring payment profile. The club’s money comes in as expected, throughout the year, without ever hammering a member to pay. 

    Georgetown Recreation Club was our first pool to fully use the Pool Dues system. Every new member that joined after the traditional start of summer in 2018 set up a Recurring payment profile. In total, 9 memberships started mid-summer, one as late as September 4.  Including the initiation fees, this amounted to over $7,850 extra income in 2018!

    Say goodbye to manually invoicing members!

    Past Due Email Animation for Neighborhood Pools

    Once your members start paying through your Pool Dues site, we keep track of who’s current and whose membership is due. We can send automated email reminders which go out based on when the member purchased their membership. For example, we can send out an email two weeks prior to when they purchased the year before.

    We also understand that most clubs prefer to invoice their membership at a specific date, for example Feb 1. For this reason, we’ve included a mass invoicing system that will send a traditionally-formatted invoice ONLY to the members that fall within an expired date range you choose. And it will ignore invoicing anyone signed up for a Recurring Payment.

    So for example, on February 1, you might specify that you want to invoice every member who paid before Sept 1 the previous year. This way you wouldn’t invoice anyone that paid in the fall the previous year. 

    Pool reporting the easy way…

    Insights into how your pool makes money is obviously one of the most important things a club Treasurer is responsible for. If you already use PayPal to receive payments, you know their options are limited for in-depth payment reviews. Here’s what’s possible when a Treasurer or other club admin views your Pool Dues backend.

    – Custom date range searches for all earnings
    – Custom date range searches for specific product earnings
    – Export to CSV for either option above
    – Graph-based reporting
    – Chronological Payment History, also filterable by date ranges
    – Payment History showing current status: Complete, Refunded, Failed, Pending (meaning added to cart but not completed), and more
    – In-depth Order Details on each payment (customer info, cart details, discounts applied, exact time, etc.)
    – A separate Customer search option, showing the total each customer has spent
    – A Subscription section showing which members are setup with Yearly Automatic Recurring Billing
    – A Licenses section to show which members are current (basically each member is given a one year license)

    Reporting for Neighborhood Pool Treasurer

    Other features your Treasurer or Shop Admin has access to…


    You can create an unlimited number of discount codes that reduce a percentage or flat amount of the final price on any membership / product or service. These can also be limited to specific products. So for example, you might offer $50 off the price of a Recurring Yearly Membership but exclude it from One-Time Membership payments. Discounts can also expire automatically or past a certain number of uses.


    We take care of ALL the initial setup of your Pool Dues portal, adding every pool/club-related product we can think of.  But you have full control to edit those products and create new ones. In about 5 minutes we can show you how to wiz through the entire process of creating a new product and selling it. You can even add email notifications on a per-product basis. So if your Swim Team director needs to know a new person joined, you can set up a purchase notification email just for them.


    Pools receive income on a variety of different services, so your price options are ready for anything.  The products you create can have multiple tiers (for example, Choice 1: $5, Choice 2: $10, and so on), plus a Name-Your-Price option (with a minimum value). On a per-product basis you can choose to exclude or include Tax (or Fees). So for example, you could pass on Paypal’s fees to your members by adding on those fees to the final price.

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