Some change is good.
Modernizing how you bill your members doesn't have to be a matter of tradition. Your club is run by volunteers. Billing should be as easy and automated as possible.
The time is right.
Collecting payments online isn't a new concept. Nowadays even your bank teller will say, "Don't write a check if you don't have to." With our built-in suite of invoicing and other e-commerce tools, your Board Members can sell anything from your website.
How's it work?
We will connect your PoolDues-powered website to the club's Paypal account. Members will add products to the shopping cart on your website, then checkout via Paypal - where they can pay using a credit card, bank account, etc. Paypal then tells your website that the purchase is complete, and finally our code does what it should based on the product(s) purchased.

Quickbooks Online Support?
Your PoolDues-powered website makes third-party accounting software largely redundant for revenue received. But yes, Paypal and Quickbooks Online can be linked together so sales are reported to their software as well. In that case, your revenue would be logged in three places - your website, Quickbooks and Paypal.

Just remember, keeping track of who is and isn't a member is our speciality. So Quickbooks would no longer need to be used in that regard.

Smarter Invoicing
When we import your current membership, our team will pair each household with the Membership Product they will eventually be invoiced for. Your families will likely be matched with a Family Membership product, the seniors with a Senior Membership product, and so on.

When it is invoice time, your Treasurer will send a mass email through the website. Each invoice email will have a purchase link to the Membership Product that household should pay for. The households that pay online are marked as good standing members and will not get another invoice email that year.
Automated Billing.
Easy to setup. Easier on the member. Easier on your Treasurer. And yes, that screenshot is exactly how easy it is to setup.

If your club chooses to offer automatic billing, members that enroll will no longer be invoiced as they have already committed to pay on a specific date yearly (or monthly).

Bill like other subscriptions.
How many of your monthly or yearly services are set to be charged automatically? Probably all of them. How is your club's membership any different from other "amenity services" we choose to easily renew?
Your club is run by volunteers. Getting 300 households to renew shouldn't be difficult for one person.
Product Order History, Customer History, Trends, Reports, and all the other e-commerce options you'd expect.
Approved Board Members can easily look up orders of any product, view customer details, and export CSV files of sales data. For example, with just a couple clicks your Treasurer could generate a spreadsheet of all the Swim Team 2021 sales. Or compare last year's Family Membership sales to this year's.
Okay, we know you will still get some check payments.
Your Treasurer or Membership Director can manually mark members as "Paid by Check" and extend their membership in our system.

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