A suite of financial tools at your fingertips

Swim and Tennis Clubs are really no different than any other membership driven business. Except modern businesses have already moved their sales online. If your club is still relying on a volunteer Treasurer to deposit checks and log every bit of income manually, it's time for a change.

Are you already receiving money through Paypal? Great, you still will!

Are you also using Quickbooks Online with Paypal? That won't change either.

No matter what accounting software you currently use, payment data (in date ranges) can be exported anytime to a CSV file, making it simple to import revenue to any other software. Whether or not that is even necessary is really up to your accountant. A website with a built-in e-commerce solution makes third-party accounting software largely redundant for revenue received.

Automate your dues

Give members more ways to pay online and they will. Options like...

  • Automatically-Billed Yearly Payment Plans
  • Automatically-Billed Monthly Installment Plans
  • Automatically-Billed Month-to-Month Plans (i.e. the Netflix model)
  • Or simple, One-Time Yearly Payments.

  • When a household pays...

    They are automatically added to your membership for another year. Or until your next fiscal calendar begins. They can reserve tennis courts, book facilities, and use other member-only features. After their membership period expires, they can't, which gets them paying again rather quickly.

    No one expects to get an Amazon delivery without paying for it first. Or watch a Netflix show AFTER cancelling their subscription. Our software sets up similiar parameters so members are trained to pay on time, and not wait until the day before Memorial Day.

    With simple Membership overviews and data exportable to CSV, your club admins will always know where members stand.

    Tour Member Billing...

    Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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