Block Reservations Options for Tennis Directors

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Block Reservations Options for Tennis Directors

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Your Tennis Director (or other approved members) can create multiple reservations at once on your grid. It’s possible to reserve all or some of your courts, on multiple days of the week, for up to 52 weeks in a row.

This could be used to block off your grid, but keep in mind, we also offer another set of tools, called Special Cases for disabling the grid at certain times on a weekly basis.

What we’ll discuss below has the advantage of creating an actual reservation, associating it with a Reservation Type and Grid Note. As it is an actual reservation, to remove it from the grid, it would need to be cancelled. Whereas our Special Cases options are easy to toggle on or off.

As an example, let’s book Courts 1 and 2 every Monday morning for the next 8 weeks. To begin we’ll tap Court 1 at 8am on the grid…

On the next page, we’ll fill in the same details that any member would normally see when booking a court. Select the Reservation Type, Length, Member Name (hidden to non-members), and then a Public Note (often this is a Team Name when a Tennis Director is booking for a non-member team).

On that same page, your Tennis Director will find options to repeat this same reservation.

If this reservation should be repeated on Wednesdays AND Fridays, select Friday as well.

Supposing this is an 8 week class, we will select 7 for the Consecutive weeks value (our originally selected date would count as the first week).

And finally if we want this reservation to include multiple courts, we can select any extra courts that are to be booked as well.

Recurring bookings will overwrite any existing reservations on the grid, but generally this shouldn’t occur as members typically can’t book more than a few days in advance. If a reservation is overwritten, we will display what was affected on screen.

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