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We’ve already tested NEXT year’s swim reservation code and DAYUM… it’s good!!

A big thanks to all our Swim Tennis Clubs and HOA’s that let us test out NEXT year’s reservation grids with actual users this year.  Find out what’s in store for next year, right now!…

7 reasons why members love pool reservations!

The surprise hit of 2020 was our integrated pool reservation system. We were able to give power-pool users all the time they wanted, and your usual once-a-weekenders their pool fix. Now members at our client’s clubs are asking for it back next year. We boil down why. And spoiler: none of the reasons are because they didn’t get Covid. Consider that #8 on the list.

Sell clinics, camps, or anything from one of your reservation grids!

This new feature in v.5 will make your Tennis Pros happy. Or anyone willing to come teach at your facility! This could be used for yoga classes, water aerobics, stroke clinics, round robin events. You could even offer guarded lap swim for adults only during your non-open hours.

Thinking Venmo is right for your club? Think again

The idea of fee-less transactions are tempting, we know. Some board member is bound to bring this up once a year.  But read why the self-proclaimed Social Commerce App isn’t a “life hack” to skirt Paypal’s processing fees…

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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