Can Your Pool Put up Permanent Street Signs Around the Neighborhood?

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Not all swim and tennis clubs are located at the front gate of a neighborhood. My neighborhood is HUGE, and technically it’s comprised of 5 subdivisions. If a family moves into the subdivision farthest from the club, they might not realize their interconnected neighborhood even has a pool.

So, can you take it upon yourself to help people find their way to the club by putting up street signs? Well no, but as the saying goes, it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Getting your city to permit affixing pool signs to existing road signs could be a lot more work than just doing it.

If you do decide to take the initiative yourself, here’s what I recommend…

  1. Don’t go cheap. Get reflective, metal signs.

  2. Stick to 1 color (not including black or white).

  3. Use a plain font for the sign.

  4. Don’t add a phone number or website. That’s way too much advertising.

  5. Add directional arrows to the club. That should be the real point of the sign, just get people there.

  6. Don’t include any promotional text like “Join the [club name]”.  Just “Pool and Tennis Club” is really all you need.

  7. Keep the signs within your neighborhood (no main roads).

What’s it cost? Expect to pay about $40 per sign. Which really isn’t bad at all. 7 or 8 street signs are less than the cost of one family joining. And as long as the city doesn’t notice or doesn’t care, those signs will last many years.


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