• People Expect You to Have an App

    In today’s world, consumers pretty much expect every business or organization to have an app they can download to their…

  • Why Spring is the Best Time to Advertise on Facebook

    In a previous post, we talked about how to advertise your club on Facebook. Today we’re gonna talk about why…

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    Want an awesome and shiny new sign for your tennis courts? With every Pool Dues website that includes tennis courts,…

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    How to Fish a Tennis Net Cable Through a Net With the Old Cable Removed

  • Looking to Increase Your Membership Numbers?

    Is your club looking to increase membership? One great but overlooked way to reach out to prospective members is a…

  • Using Facebook to get new members to your neighborhood pool or club

    Using Facebook to Get New Members to Your Neighborhood Swim and Tennis Club

    Use Facebook effectively by creating both a Page and Group for your club. Then link the two!

  • Can your pool put up permanent street signs around the neighborhood

    Can Your Pool Put up Permanent Street Signs Around the Neighborhood?

    Not all swim and tennis clubs are at the front gate of a neighborhood. My neighborhood is HUGE, and technically…


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