• Poop! In the Pool!

    Do your lifeguards and board members know what steps to take when there’s poop in the pool? It’s not all…

  • Liability – Waivers and Signage

    Do your members sign a waiver before each pool season? It goes without saying that your club should have insurance.…

  • Why Your Club Needs Various Membership Levels

    We’ve talked about this on the Pool Dues blog before, but it’s worth talking aboutĀ again. Your club needs various membership…

  • How to Advertise Your Club on Facebook

    Facebook is a great way to advertise your club to a targeted audience, and now is the perfect time to…

  • New Features in 2019 – Invoicing Pool Members

    It’s January, boards are getting back together and that means it’s almost invoicing time. Don’t give up an afternoon trying…

  • Pennsylvania Pool Dramatically Increases Winter-time Revenue with New Website

    One of our newest pools, Neshannock Pool in New Castle, Pennsylvania, has seen an exciting uptick in earnings since switching…

  • Using Facebook to get new members to your neighborhood pool or club

    Using Facebook to Get New Members to Your Neighborhood Swim and Tennis Club

    Use Facebook effectively by creating both a Page and Group for your club. Then link the two!

  • Member Check In App - Kiosk mode for Front of Pool

    Add a Member Check In Kiosk to your Neighborhood Pool or Club

    You can now enter a special login (provided by us), to enable “Kiosk Mode”. This allows your neighborhood pool /…

  • How much are custom printed Pool wristbands

    Partnering with Other Neighborhood Pools to Make $7500 or More in Extra Guest Fees

    Read how a pool pump breaking led to a fun week of inter-club mingling, and inspired the idea of a…

  • Can your pool put up permanent street signs around the neighborhood

    Can Your Pool Put up Permanent Street Signs Around the Neighborhood?

    Not all swim and tennis clubs are at the front gate of a neighborhood. My neighborhood is HUGE, and technically…


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