Change Log

Change Log 2019 – Major Features Listed First

New features are automatically added to Pool Dues powered sites. 

August 2019: Our brand new Front Desk Attendant app is ready! This app was designed specifically for Swim and Tennis clubs that employ front desk attendants that check in members every visit. So unlike our Member Check In kiosk, this new app is not designed to be used in a self-service capacity by members.

Attendants can search for members by last name, email or ID. Choose a primary account (or sub account), then check in that member or their children / babysitters.

Attendants can also take photos of members and manage their accounts. They can can add or subtract pre-paid guest passes (purchased through your Pool Dues site) and do the same for concession credit. So next Summer your club can go totally cashless at the concession stand!

Fun footnote: we support negative balances for concession credit and guest passes. So if a member can’t pay for either at the time of purchase, it goes into their account as an unpaid balance. The member can then square up later by purchasing passes or snack credit at your website. Your Treasurer can even send mass reminders to anyone with an unpaid balance.

June 2019: Prepaid and Unlimited Guest Passes are available –  Your club could sell a 10 or 20 pack of passes at a discounted rate (or the usual rate), and members can note how many guests they are bringing at check in. If you’ll be using our self-check in iPad kiosk, members simply pick how many guests they have, and that deducts from their pre-purchased amount. If you have staff at your front gate, we now have a special Front Desk Mode available for your website. Attendants can manage accounts as members come in.

Along with the pre-paid option, you can also sell Unlimited Guest plans. For example, for $50 (or whatever) you could let members bring x number of guests free each visit. The exact number of guests is up to the club.  Obviously, you could restrict this in any way your club sees fit. For example, you could stipulate that the Unlimited plan is only for extended family members (parents, cousins, etc) and out of town guests.

Finally Prepaid Concessions are also available. This works similarly to pre-paid guests, where members purchase an amount from your store beforehand, and attendants can subtract x amount from your concession account. Members can also self-subtract an amount from their iPhones which can be verified by attendants.


March 15 – A new Member Info page that compiles data from various sources to give your Board Members their own internal member directory. This is a self-populating database, pulling some info from your payment records and  Member Directory, and additional info provided by your Board Members. Extra options include…

– Member Identifier
– Resident or Non-Resident Field.
– Demographic Info
– 2 extra note fields
– Address and phone number in case that info was not provided from other sources.

March 1 – Totally revamped way to Create Pages! Pages can be general club announcements, social events, fundraisers, new products for sale, Member’s Only documents, or virtually anything else you want posted.

Use our image library to quickly add a catchy thumbnail for your page (great for annual events like Memorial Day parties that don’t really need a new image every year). You can of course upload your own images as well. We’ve also included a library of header images, that show behind the title of your page. Watch the video to see some of the other exciting features, like adding fundraising stats and attaching a product to sell (like event tickets).

Feb 1 – Tennis Reservations can be made from our app!

Pool Dues powered swim and tennis clubs can now allow members to reserve courts from our iOS or Android app. Reservations can be created OR cancelled within seconds, since app users don’t need to login every time they use the app. All your Tennis Director’s settings are carried over to the app grid as well. So Reservation Types and their accompanying Max Reservation Times are the same on your app grid. Even reservation colors are identical between your online grid and app grid.

January 29 We’ve added the option for clubs to have In-Demand Pricing for their clubhouses or other reservable areas.

This builds on the existing system where you could make members pay to reserve your clubhouse, outdoor pavilion, or other facilities. With this new feature, you can set a different price (i.e., product) for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

You can easily turn on or off the day-specific pricing from the Clubhouse Manager dashboard, and you can easily swap in or out different prices. For example, you could have a summer season rate for renting the clubhouse and then switch to an off-season rate for the rest of the year.

January 8 – Customized invoicing to individuals or small groups of members is now available. This allows Treasurers to create a custom invoice – for example, one with a One-Year Membership and Initiation Fees.  The email generated looks like a traditional line-item invoice and includes a payment link at the bottom which will add all items to the cart automatically.

January 7 Treasurers can now send out invoices to the entire membership based on their previous year’s payment. This “smart” invoicing option makes it incredibly easy to remind people to pay. The Pool Dues backend will only send an email to members that have upcoming expirations AND are not signed up for a Recurring Payment profile.

Installment Plan Memberships are now possible! If you want to offer 3 or 4 month payment plans, we can set this up for you. We do NOT recommend payment plans that extend past Summer. Ideally you want your members all paid up by the start of the pool season.

Small Stuff in 2019

Little changes you probably wouldn’t notice unless we pointed them out… 

  • Feb 20, Max Reservation Time added to Clubhouse Settings. You can now cap the amount of time members can reserve. So, for example, if your club only allows renting a facility for a max of 3 hours, that’s now an option. This cap is ignored for Admins.

  • Feb 28, Email the Board button. The board dashboard now includes a button to email everyone that has been assigned a Board Member Role. Many clubs have relied on forwarding addresses like board@[your-club-domain] to initiate a board email chain. The problem with these type addresses is they attract a lot of spam, especially if your club has ever posted one of those addresses publicly. Our Email the Board button starts a chain in your default email program and allows you to remove specific addresses prior to sending.

  • March 10, Invoice Individuals (or Groups) now includes a picker tool to quickly grab an existing member’s email. Previously, you had to paste in emails. Thanks to Hampton Hall’s Treasurer for pointing out this obvious missing feature!

  • March 15, The Change Check In Info page got a nice redesign to make it more mobile friendly, and it also adds a Notes feature now. So for example, if a member asks to kindly extend the expiration date of their membership to continue reserving courts, your Membership Director could note that. For example, “Suzy will be renewing in 2 weeks, she would like to keep reserving courts until then.” You can also filter the results on this page to show only Primary Purchasers or both Primary Purchasers and Family Member (sub) Accounts. You can also ignore expired accounts.

  • March 17, If a Board Member creates a new product via the Create a Page option, they are automatically CC-ed on sales. Previously, only the Treasurer was notified. Now though, let’s suppose your Facilities / Grounds person announces Garden Plots are available. They create a page for the announcement, they create a $50 garden plot for sale, they would then be CC-ed on any sales. Previously, your Treasurer would have to manage who is CC-ed.

  • March 18, better Sign-In page communications about expiry dates –  2 weeks prior to your Fiscal Calendar start date, the Sign-In page will tell people that all memberships are due by the Fiscal Calendar start and after that time they will need to pay their dues to sign in (and do member-only things like reserve courts). For 30 days after the Fiscal Calendar start, the message will change slightly to tell people if they can’t sign in, it’s because their membership is past due. Previously, this message only showed up when a member attempted to sign in. That still is in place, but this consistent reminder at the top of the sign-in page should make it more clear leading up to the Fiscal start, what will happen.

  • March 19, added a Member Info page which will populate over time as we store more information about your membership. This will pull together data from the Member Directory, past orders, and Family Accounts to give you a printable document about your members. This same data is typically what we see in spreadsheets from Membership Directors that they have collected over time. Our information is “dynamic,” so as members update their info, this page stays updated as well.

  • March 24, added a Minimum Reservation Time for Clubhouse rentals. Previously, this defaulted to 30 minutes. By setting both the Minimum and Maximum to the same time, your Members will only see one time option when booking, for example, 3 hours.

  • March 25, added a Minimum Days Out to Reserve option on the Clubhouse Settings page. So for example, if your club needs to arrange for extra guards for a pool party, this option can be used to ensure you have time to make arrangements.

  • March 25, Bypass Checkout URL on the Clubhouse Settings page. This option can be used to send members to a particular URL after choosing a reservation time slot (instead of the usual payment page to confirm their booking).  When set, the member’s reservation will always be Pending until set to Confirmed by the Clubhouse Manager. Case example, your club makes member’s pay your lifeguard company directly for extra guard hours. So after picking a time slot, you send members to a page that instructs them on how to make payment on an alternate site. 

  • March 27, Adjust Expirations to Fiscal Calendar looks the same but can now be used to push back the goal posts, so to speak, when herding your members to pay before their expiration due date. So for example, if your Fiscal Calendar starts April 1, around March 1 you should begin invoicing members to let them know dues are expected to be paid by April 1, after which point the system will no longer let them reserve courts, check in, etc (because all those memberships are set to expire on that date).  Let’s suppose 70% of members have paid by April 1, but you don’t want to follow through on actually locking the other 30% of members out of the system yet. You can change the Fiscal Calendar to April 15, then sync all the unpaid members to that new date. Thus extending their due date by 2 weeks.

  • April 1 – Monthly Installment Plan Memberships are now showing on the Member Overview page

  • April 14 – Customer list now available on pages created by members that have a product attached. For example, if your social director creates a pay-to-attend event they can now see the list of people that have paid to attend. Previously, they would have to contact the Treasurer for this info (or be in the Treasurer Role as well).

  • April 30 – Front Desk Attendant mode launched in Beta mode. Allows for enhanced check-in stats and activity logging of notable club activity, along with management tools for pool monitors / front attendants to add or subtract guest pass plans AND store credit for clubs that have Snack Shacks! Notice how long this took. It’s a robust suite of tools.

  • May 1 – Added a new General News category when creating new pages. Refines where your non-Member-Only news shows

  • May 1 – Admin Only tool (for now) Better Member Importer tools. We prefer to import your membership because, well, that’s just part of this awesome service. But it can also be tricky, depending on how your current spreadsheets are setup. So for example, we might tweak our import code just for your club. But after tonight’s massive rewrite of importer code, we’re even better equipped for all those weird bits of data you keep on your members.

  • May-June was mostly spent on kiosk updates and the new Front Desk Mode to support Pre-Paid concessions and Guest passes. Phew! What a ride.

  • June 11 – New export to CSV options in the Member Info page. You can export a list of all your primary purchasers and their sub-accounts formatted for specific reasons. For example, to import into MailChimp (to update your newsletter database), for Membership Director purposes, or for Front Gate Attendants (or example, for them to have a paper copy of emergency phone numbers).

  • June 17 – Pending facility reservations now trigger an email to the Clubhouse Manager(s). No action is needed on their part, but this at least allows the Clubhouse Manager to know someone has started the  reservation process. Reservations are automatically changed from Pending to Confirmed after a payment.

  • June 18 – Clubhouse managers can now create a reservation for another member and trigger an invoice email for them to pay online to confirm the reservation. Previously, this had to be initiated from a member doing it themselves.

  • June 18 – Clubhouse managers can disable the grid, but leave it visible to members.

  • June 24 – A secondary phone field is now available in the Member Info page.

  • June 25 – To-do items are created when a member changes their email, one for the Communication Director (so they can update their newsletter list) and one for the Membership Director (in case they still maintain any off-site records).

  • June 25 – Board members that change their emails no longer have to request their new email be added to the Board Roles admin area. This change is made automatically.

  • June 26 – New Resolve Unpaid Memberships page! This will allow you to see every membership that wasn’t paid for this year and resolve them. Options include: sending a payment reminder email (another invoice), excluding them altogether from mass invoices (puts them on a Do Not Email list the next time you do a mass invoice), deleting the member entirely from your databases, or resolving the membership by adding them as a sub-account of another primary purchaser (useful if their spouse ended up paying instead of them this year).

  • July 2 – New Front Desk module in the Board Member dashboard. This contains links to the Front Desk area of your site, a link to reset the Front Desk password, and a quick overview of attendance stats.

  • July 3 – Tennis stats are also showing now in the new Front Desk Module.

  • July 11 – New Email Members with Unpaid Balances page. This new page in the Treasurer module allows clubs to send a reminder email to every member that has an unpaid guest balance or negative concessions balance.

  • July 12 – You can now add notes when setting the Pool Hours. For example, “Swim Meet at 3, closing early to members”.  Events will also show on the Pool Hours page now.

  • July 15 – BUG FIX for Unpaid Balances emails (primary purchaser wasn’t displayed correctly)

  • July 15 – The Member Info page now has options for changing the same info that was on the Change Check In Info page (eventually we’ll say goodbye to that page entirely). So from a single page now, you can change all the main info about a member (name, email, PIN, expiration) as well as all the other finer details about a member (bond status, resident or non, phone, address)

  • July 16 – The Member Info page now accepts up to 9 child fields with birthdays as well as 5 babysitters fields, also with birthdays. These fields can be used to check in children and their sitters without creating a seperate sub-account for each child or sitter. This is useful for families with younger children.  The Front Desk mode is also updated to support these new fields.

  • August 14 – Bug fix with Product Creator

  • August 22 – Revamped Board Roles Admin page. Easier setup for new Board Members, more control over who gets which contact form emails and… drumroll… a toggle for Voting rights. Which leads into our next new feature.

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