Change Log

Change Log – 2019

New features are automatically added to Pool Dues powered sites. 

January 29 We’ve added the option for Clubs to have In-Demand Pricing for their Clubhouses or other reservable areas.

This builds on the existing system where you could make members pay to reserve your clubhouse, outdoor pavilion, or other facility. With this new feature, you can set a different price (ie. product) for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

You can easily turn on or off the day-specific pricing from the Clubhouse Manager dashboard, and you can easily swap in or out different prices. For example, you could have a Summer season rate for renting the Clubhouse, then switch to an off-season rate the rest of the year.

January 8 – Customized invoicing to individuals or small groups of members is now available. This allows Treasurers to create a custom invoice, for example, one with the One-Year Membership and the Initiation Fees.  The email generated looks like a traditional line-item invoice and includes a payment link at the bottom which will add all items to the cart automatically.

January 7 Treasurers can now send out invoices to the entire membership based on their previous year’s payment. This “smart” invoicing option makes it incredibly easy to remind people to pay. The Pool Dues backend will only send an email to members that have upcoming expirations AND those that are not signed up for a Recurring Payment profile.

Road Map – 2019

Sneak a peak into our short and long term to-do list below… 

-Waiting List We are starting to work with clubs that don’t need new members. You flush, “at-capacity” clubs are doing great, but probably driving your Treasurers up-the-wall with stuff they don’t need to do! Like figuring out who’s a member, who’s actually paid, and jotting down your secret waiting list of lucky next-to-join families… Well we’re going to help make that easier too. Expect an early February announcement on this feature.

Tennis Reservations in the Check In AppThis is 100% happening before April.  We are well ahead of schedule! The iPhone version of our app now has court reservations built in. Android is next!

Swim Meet Schedule – We will be adding a section in the Board Member dashboard for the Swim Team heads to populate a page with upcoming meet dates. This can of course be done without the aid of the backend, by creating a page on the site and simply listing dates.

Dues Increase Schedule – This will be a section in your backend making it easy for your treasurer to fill in future year prices. For example, you could show members that rates will go up $10 per year for 10 years (a $100 increase in 10 years is very reasonable).  This will also give members incentive to lock in current year prices with a Recurring Membership.  You can of course, cancel a member’s Recurring Membership at anytime and ask them to sign back up at current year prices.

Lower-Tier Ad Network (below Sponsor level ads) – We know not every club has a dedicated volunteer to find new sponsors. So instead of only having 2-3 Sponsors in the footer of your website, we would like to give clubs the opportunity to show banners from advertisers we help you acquire. This will be an optional feature, so if you already have a solid network of local sponsors, you probably don’t need more footer ads. If not, we would love to offset the cost of Pool Dues by helping you find advertisers.

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