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A smarter way to check into any pool…


Members can check-in with a single tap using our iOS app. Our app can also be used as a front desk kiosk, so your club can add a some high-tech authority that a paper guestbook can’t. Plus any member can check-in from your PoolDues portal using their email and PIN.


Members can check-in and post a short message for the Who’s Here section of the app. This gets others motivated to visit the pool, and also gives members a quick way to remind themselves of names they might have forgotten. Club admins can post social updates & news within the app.


Offer businesses even more incentive to sponsor the pool. Sponsors can include their logo in your Check-in app, promotional text and a button to call or visit their website. So members can check-in and quickly call their favorite pizza place.

Make signing into the pool fun. While increasing guest revenue!

Check in App for neighborhood pools

It’s time to retire the traditional old sign-in book. When a member checks in with our iOS or web app , they can leave a short public message. Something like “water feels great, here till 3”. This encourages members to sign in, and it gets more people to the pool!

And let’s be real, paper guestbooks do very little to discourage members from ignoring the cashbox for guest dues. We live in a cashless society, and if a member simply doesn’t have cash, it won’t stop them from bringing their guests in. Nor should it.

But most members want to be honest, and given the option they will. If they check-in via our app and toggle on that they are bringing guests, their status will say… 

If they pay online their status will then update to note they paid, with how much…

Who’s here and what’s new? Pool Dues helps answer both questions…

Your Social Director’s job gets a bit easier once you’ve become a Pool Dues customer. Any Board Member can post news or events via the Board Member Dashboard, but as most of us know, during the summer months your Social Director will be doing most of this. Lucky for them, they can now push news to the app or add events directly to the website through our simple News Section.

Of course, nothing beats a face-to-face invite to an upcoming party, and getting more people to the pool is one of the great benefits of using the Member Check-In app. Anyone with an iOS or Android device (that is a current member of your club) can see who’s at the pool from the app!

So, if it’s a Wednesday night and you’re curious if the pool is hopping on a week day, you can just peek in. And for anyone concerned about privacy, they can simply hide their check-in status. 

As far as big pool events go, it’s always important to get as many pre-sales on adult parties as possible (you never know what the weather will do).  So, if you’re shelling out pool money for something like a low-country boil, you can hit up members well in advance to pay online to reserve a seat to eat.  This cuts down on over-buying for food and drinks when you have no clue who is actually attending. 

Welcome to in-app sponsorship. A entirely new revenue stream…

In app Sponsors in our pool check in app

Pools generally charge around $500 for Gold Level Swim Team sponsors. What that actually gets a sponsor varies by pool, but it’s common that they get a large spot on the banner that hangs along the pool fence, a link on the pool’s website, announcer mentions at Swim Team meets, and possibly a catering invite for a Family Night Dinner.

Imagine what your pool could get if you connected your members more directly with sponsors. We call this In-App Sponsorship. You could offer it only to Gold Sponsors or to every level.  You could even create an entirely new sponsorship level altogether. After a member checks in they will see a button to Support a Sponsor. This section lists any sponsor YOU choose to put here. Members can tap to call or visit a sponsor’s website.

Sponsors can include promotional text by their listing. For example, “Marcos Pizza – Use code: GRCPOOL for 2 large 1 topping pizzas for $17.99.”



Try out our app today…

After downloading the app, use these check-in credentials…

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Pin: 1111

On iOS you can toggle between trying out the app in kiosk mode or member mode.

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