Dear Member

Dear Member,

The Board has decided to move away from paper checks and take most payments online through Paypal. Although we are a non-profit, Paypal will treat us like any other business and subtract a 2.9% processing fee. Here is why the Board made the decision to accept those fees…

Swim and Tennis Clubs are fundamentally a business with the revenue stream of a small company.  While many clubs hire a part-time accountant to handle money received, we do not. Our Treasurer is a volunteer position which changes hands every few years. Transitioning that role is difficult to say the least. The Treasurer is tasked with handling revenue coming in, going out, paying property taxes, filing tax returns, renewing states licenses, etc.

By receiving money online we add accountability year after year using a consistent platform. So while the Treasurer may change, our record keeping will not. If we were to get audited or need a bank loan we want to be able to instantly produce an electronic log of every amount received whether that’s a membership or guest fee. 

It is also important to understand we are not just using Paypal to receive funds.  Paypal is sending a message back to our website to log your payment and renew YOU as a member for another year. Which means…

– You can continue reserving tennis courts

– You can continue using the Members Only portion of the website

– During pool season, you can use our iPad kiosk to note your attendance at the pool or that you brought guests. 

– You will also stop receiving invoices after your payment

If you don’t pay, your membership will automatically expire before Summer.   Imagine not paying Netflix and continuing to use their service for months or years if someone doesn’t notice. That would be absurd.  

Our club is a membership-model business and we now have a suite of tools to treat it as such. The Paypal fees will ultimately be offset from increased revenue. For example…

 – We will increase memberships by accepting new families instantly online (much like our nearest club)

 – Attendance tracking can help us determine the right number of guards to hire or max number of memberships we allow.

– Members can pay ahead to attend events or other club outtings that require a fee.

– Members can now purchase pre-paid guest passes

– Our website’s online store can sell anything we wish, shirts, cups, etc. Which opens the door to many new possibilities.  

In conclusion, this was a Board decision. There will be times when the Board adds amenities like subscribing to a cable package, getting faster internet, repaving the courts, etc and those new costs are passed onto the membership via a dues increase or simply absorbed because the club can handle those costs. 

Thanks for being a member! 

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