Sell anything.
We make collecting your annual dues a snap, but imagine all the OTHER things your club can generate revenue from when it's THIS EASY.
Make it easy to pay, and people will.
Your club has a naturally loyal fanbase. They want to donate. They want a better facility. They want more events. And believe it or not, they understand their dues don't pay for everything. But asking for a check (and a walk to the mailbox) will never inspire sales.

So imagine the possibilities when creating a new product is as simple as entering a name, price, then emailing a link to members. All from one system.
  • Member / Non-Member Tennis Team products
  • Swim Team registration products

  • Entry to social events

  • Summer Camps

  • Parents Night Out

  • Birthday Parties

  • Lessons with Lifeguards

  • Tennis clinics or events like catered Round Robins

  • Skip Work Day Donations

  • Pre-paid guest passes and concessions credit

  • Fundraisers for facility or capital improvements

  • Fitness classes

  • Swim Team Sponsorships

  • Men's or Women's clubs

Basic Options
After adding a name and price for your product, other options include: short description, fine print, notes in the buyer's receipt email, tax options, email addresses of specific people to copy on purchase receipts and Agree to Terms.

Name-Your-Price Products
Crowdfund a kegerator. Mood lighting. New diving blocks. Tell members what you need, and let members name their price.
Variable Pricing
Products can have multiple price options. This is useful for giving buyers more choices, noting the number attending an event, adding upsell options, or non-member pricing.

Custom Checkout Fields
Every product can specify custom fields that appear in their own section at checkout. For example, if the product is a junior tennis camp, you might ask for the name of the child attending and another field that asks for their T-shirt size. These custom fields can be exported as a CSV file when viewing the product's order history.
Limit Sales
Choose when to start selling, when to stop selling, a max available for sale, or whether or not your product is for members only.

Post Purchase Emails
Each product can trigger a custom email to be sent to the buyer immediately following their order. These club-branded emails can include images and any follow-up text your purchasers need to read. For example, instructions or notes on who to get in touch with regarding their order (tennis pros, swim class instructors, board members, etc).
Interest Tags
Buyers can be tagged with custom interest tags. For example, a "Wine Tasting Night" product can tag buyers with a similar interest tag. Tags can be used to segment members for communications and are included in CSV file exports of your member database.

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