Pay-to-Confirm Facility Bookings
From simple pavillions to spacious clubhouses, we can make all your rentals easier.
Save time by letting members book and pay on their own.
Members can view the current bookings on your website's facility calendar. If a date and time is available, they can create a Pending reservation. After the member pays for it, the reservation is automatically marked as Confirmed. Your facility calendar can optionally include events posted on your social calendar (or other calendar notes), giving your Board Members and Members an idea of what else is happening on days they might want to book.
Price however.
Rental pricing can set by reservation length, by time bracket (such as day or evening), or party size.

Agree to Terms
When members rent your facility, make sure they understand their responsibilities and penalties if the facility is damaged. You can change these terms on a per-unit basis.
Want to ensure the clubhouse is fully available during busy times? Disable any of your facilities on particular days / times each week. You can also cap the number of reservations in a week.
Special Cases
Not all your facilities need to go to the shopping cart to be auto-confirmed. We can leave reservations Pending and redirect members to finalize a reservation with your Clubhouse Manager.
Custom emails
Set up confirmation emails that members receive after paying for their reservation. Include door codes or other important information renters should know.

Facility Reservations Overview
Turn the Clubhouse Manager board role into one of the most automated volunteer positions.

  • Up to 12 facility areas, reservable by members only.
  • Pricing option 1 - By time bracket (such as Morning, Afternoon or Evening).

  • Pricing option 2 - By reservation length (number of hours).

  • Pricing option 3 - By party size or other custom text.

  • Add your own Agree to Terms (these must be agreed to when paying for a reservation).

  • Admin-only reservable areas.

  • Bypass checkout for certain areas to send members to alternate pages or sites instead of paying.

  • Admins can reserve for members and request payment at time of booking.

  • Automatic pre-confirmation and post-confirmation emails.

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