First Steps

Getting setup!

The first couple of things we need to get your site set up is your membership list and any additional information about your pool you can provide, like hours, sponsors, guest policy, membership pricing, etc.. There are a lot of questions below, but dont feel like you have to answer all of them right now.  They do usually come up at some point though so if you know them, feel free to elaborate.  We may have talked about some of these already, but we like working from a “written” list.  

The Membership spreadsheet gives us a lot of the information we need about your membership levels and pricing.  If possible, please put families on one row.  We use email addresses for our unique identifier, so ideally everyone will have at least one.  We can import nearly any member data you have (for example, if you track Year Joined, we’ve got a field for that), so if you want to track it, include it in the spreadsheet – even if it’s not in the template below.

Primary Email * Primary Last Name * Primary First Name * Membership Type* Status/Expiration Secondary Email Secondary Last (if different) Secondary First Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Address Phone Pooldues Admin Family 2021-05-01 Pooldues Anyone Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Street address, City, State ZIP Any format
single Paid Or leave blank
senior, etc… Inactive
* denotes a required field etc…

What are your dues for each membership product, initiation fees and/or bond pricing?  

PayPal charges 2.9% on all transactions.  Does your club prefer to pass this fee onto the members? If that is something you’d rather not do, consider raising your dues one time to offset this charge.  

We can make everyone’s life easier by offering recurring payments (Netflix style), so we’ll make some of those as examples as well and we can discuss.  

 What does your timing look like?  Are you ready to start invoicing for next year soon?  What is your normal “Pay now or you’re late” date?  

Do you have any pictures of your club/pool/tennis courts/facilities you would like to use?  (If anyone at your club has a drone, those are always very striking to include on the front page.)

If your club is using a wait list, what is the application fee?   We strongly recommend charging at least a nominal fee to maintain a spot on the waitlist.  Aside from the obvious benefit of generating additional revenue, it will ensure only serious people are applying and ensure the list stays current.  

Do you have additional information (besides email, name, address, phone) you would like to collect when people apply for membership?

If you would like to supply a membership Agree to terms and/or Covid waiver we can include it.  We also have some boiler plate standard waivers/terms if you would like to see those instead, let’s discuss.

What is a good Club Contact email address?  This will be used for when a member has a general question (not board role specific) and also for non-member inquiries.  

What is your PayPal address if different from above? We will send a $1 payment to your Paypal account through the new site to test payments are being received.

If your club intends to continue to take checks in addition to online payments we will need a mailing address if different from your street address.  

Is there any information on your old site that is incorrect?  We will try and use as much as we can unless you don’t want us to. 

What are your Club hours?  Including tennis/fitness room, etc…

What is your guest policy?

Do you have any sponsors currently?  If not, would you like more information?

We can also do things like prepaid guest passes and snack bar credits. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more.

Would you like to include:

-Tennis court reservations?
-Swim reservations?
-Fitness reservations?
-Facility reservations?

(If the answer to any of those is yes, we will follow up asking for more details)

Would you like to keep your current domain name?

Yes) Eventually we will need to know the domain logon credentials for your hosting site. (eg, GoDaddy, WIX, etc..) We will set up your site on a temporary server until approved and then transfer it onto the new domain.

No) If you have requested a new domain name, we will search for different options, run them by you, then create your new site at that address.

Do you have email addresses that you need to keep?

Once we have gotten a good portion of your new website set up, we will send you a password and the link to your new site where we can continue to refine the details.

You will be able to send simple emails through your new website to members based on all kinds of different database information.  However, if your club regularly sends fancy newslettters, we can integrate with Mailchimp  to keep the membership list current.  If you have a current mailchimp account, we just need the API key.  If you don’t have one, we’d be happy to help, just let us know.

Finally, we will schedule a Zoom or call to train you and/or any other board members who require it.  We are also pretty quick to respond to questions over email.   

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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