Front Desk Apps.
Whether you staff an attendant or not, we have you covered with a full suite of check-in apps. Data is logged back on your website, giving your members a real time look at attendance and your admins a historical look back on pool use. These analytics can help determine if your pool is over or under-staffed with guards, and if your club is ever really "at capacity".
You don't know what you're missing.
A future Board should be able to easily look back at attendance in July of 2022 and compare it to July of 2032. Imagine if Netflix had no idea what people were actually watching.
Easily deduct guest passes.
You already know "cash boxes" for guest fees is not ideal. On-site credit card swipers are time-consuming and require constant staff training.

With our system, when members check in with guests, your attendants will deduct from their Pre-Paid Guest Pass balance. If they don't have any in their account, your attendants can simply note a negative balance.

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No training needed.
We know guards and attendants are frequently teenagers that may or may not be with your club on a regular basis. Using our iPad app requires no training. Search a last name, press check in, and tap the members coming in.
Sending kids solo? Get notified.
Are your kids old enough to go to the pool alone, but not old enough for a phone? Parents can opt into receiving text or email alerts when their kids check in or out alone.

No front desk staff?
No problem. Use our iPad app in Self Check-In mode to let members quickly check themselves in when they enter the pool. Our app is always updated with the latest member data, so if someone joined that day they would automatically be added! Likewise if a household expired (didn't pay), they would no longer show up.

Members can also self-deduct Pre-Paid Guest passes when checking in. If you are concerned members are not honest enough to self-report bringing their guests, that's no different than asking them to put cash in a box. Our historical data shows MORE guests are reported when members are asked to declare them at check-in!
Kiosk icons give everyone a birds-eye view of activity
Members will check in using a 4 digit PIN they choose. A scrollable index of active memberships shows which members are currently at the club, who brought guests, and if the member was at the club but has checked out.
Desktop check-in as well.
Use the Front Desk Mode of your PoolDues website on any device: Desktop, Chromebook, iPad, even a mobile phone, and you'll have even more attendance tools. View or export logs from any date, see pool reservations, unpaid guest/concession balances, what your attendants have been doing, which days have the most members / guests, and more. You can even filter logs by a particular member.

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