Get an Awesome and Shiny Sign for Your Tennis Courts

Get an Awesome and Shiny Sign for Your Tennis Courts
March 15, 2019 Justin at PoolDues

Want an awesome and shiny new sign for your tennis courts? With every Pool Dues website that includes tennis courts, we’ll send you a free, brand new sign for your tennis courts.

Our tennis reservation signs are UV weather resistant, metal, and reflective. They’re a great way to get your members to start using the Pool Dues reservation grid. Place the sign where people access the courts from the parking lot, and they’ll be reminded each time they walk in to use the Pool Dues app or website to reserve a court.

We’ve got a lot of great features built into our tennis reservation system, and it’s now included in our app! Members don’t even need to visit the club’s website anymore – they can reserve a court directly from the Pool Dues app on their phone.

Check out our recent blog on how to use the app to reserve a tennis court.

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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