Get Your Members to Sign Up for Recurring Billing Earlier in the Year

Does your club still paper invoice people and wait for checks to be mailed to your P.O. box?

Is your dues payment date set sometime in spring?

Many pools set their payment due date some time in late winter or early spring – early enough to be well before the pool season begins but not early enough to do much with that income before the pool opens. There’s a better system – Recurring Billing included with your Pool Dues site.

Reasons Your Club Should Use Recurring Billing

You Can Set the Due Date Earlier in the Year 

Ideally, all pools should have their dues paid early in the year. If you wait too long in the year, it gets too close to the pool season and you might not be able to get the pool fixed before the season starts. Pools require maintenance. They require upkeep, repairs, and staff. All that stuff costs money, and if you don’t have money until May, you may not be ready in time for the pool to open. Set your due date in January or February – with PayPal Recurring Billing that puts money directly into your account – and you’ll have the necessary funds to maintain the pool, the tennis courts, the clubhouse, and the bathrooms before the pool season begins.

You Eliminate the Need to Invoice the Same People Year After Year

If you’re still sending paper invoices, your club is losing money and wasting time. You spend resources printing out invoices, stuffing envelopes, paying for postage, and making trips to the post office. On the other side of those invoices is more time and resources – someone has to regularly check the mailbox for payments, bring them to the bank, wait days for the payment to show up in your account, and manually do the bookkeeping to track payments. With Recurring Billing, members are emailed, they make their payments online, and money is immediately in your PayPal account.

You Attract Members Late in the Pool Season 

With Recurring Billing, you can get people to join the club any time during the season without fear of overpaying for only a portion of the season. A lot of prospective members balk at joining in the middle of the summer because they don’t want to pay for a full season if they only get to use the pool for a handful of weeks. With Recurring Billing people can be billed annually on any start date – if someone joins the pool August 1, they’re Recurring Billing occurs August 1 each year. That way, they get a full year of membership and you have money coming in throughout the year!

You Attract Tennis-Only Members

With automatic Recurring Billing your club can attract tennis-only members. People who don’t want to use the pool facilities might balk at paying the full membership price. While some clubs have tennis-only memberships, a lot of clubs shy away from this because of the bookkeeping burden of multiple types of memberships. Recurring Billing makes it easy to set up different levels of membership, and it makes it easy for people to pay for tennis only.

Each Pool Dues website comes ready with Recurring Billing options for all membership tiers. Our system is compliant with PayPal’s encryption requirement for recurring billing, and – like every part of a Pool Dues website – it’s incredibly easy to use!



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