Guest Passes and Concessions Software

Need a system for pre-paid Guest Passes and Concessions?
We've got a cashless solution for both.
How it works.
Members pay online to pre-load their accounts in amounts you set. Guest Passes and Concession Credits are deducted by an attendant using our Front Desk app.

If your club does not staff an attendant members can self-deduct guest passes from our check-in kiosk.
Go cashless.
We know selling chips and popsicles is does not make-or-break your club. We encourage our clients to let members have a negative balance if it keeps the kids fed and parents happy.  

Keep in mind, if they owe a small amount like $2, they will buy $10-20 more in credit to have a positive balance.

Invoice anytime for unpaid balances.
If your club allows members to have negative guest pass or concession balances, collecting is simple. In just a couple clicks, your Treasurer can send a reminder invoice to any member that owes for concessions or guests. From there, members will make a purchase to add back credit (most likely more than they owe) and that's it!

Members can also see their current balance anytime in the Member Dashboard.
View sales, reports on current member balances, and attendant logs.
From the Front Desk module or Financial Dashboard, your admins can track everything. Sales and current balances can always be exported to CSV files.
Sell Tennis Guest Passes too!
With our Advanced Booking Add-On , your club can sell a specific type of Guest Pass used to make court reservations.

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