Guests and Concessions

Need an easy solution for Guests and Concessions?

How about options to pre-pay for both!

Pre-Paid Guest Passes!

Members pay online to pre-load their accounts in amounts you set. Passes are then deducted from our self-service kiosk or by an attendant using our Front Desk App.

See who came in with guests, who owes for unpaid guests, and more in our Front Desk Mode.

Cashless Concessions!

Let members pre-load their accounts with concession credit. Attendants can even allow members to owe the club later. Negative concession balances can be squared away anytime with an online purchase.

Imagine not having to deal with cash or cards at the pool.

All your pool attendants need is a computer or iPad on-site.

Check out our Front Desk iPad app

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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