How the Coronavirus may affect your Swim and Tennis Club

And why PoolDues clients are ALREADY able to open by reservation only!

“By Memorial Day we should be through this!”

So say we all! Stay positive. Fingers crossed, this crisis is winding down by the usual opening weekend. Properly chlorinated water kills viruses, and if we had the pool open now, I would be taking a daily dip just to soak up the chlorine. Especially after my recent trips to the market and Home Depot.

But what if we’re mostly through this… 

What if the health department is willing to open the pool but limits the number of people allowed in the facility at once. Local governments have already established guidelines for safe-distancing, so let’s go down the rabbit hole and imagine those are still in place…

Are you ready to manage new restrictions on capacity?

Yesterday we got our clients prepared for exactly that. We launched a new reservation grid that can be used for any part of the pool. For example, the Diving Well, Deep End, Shallow End, Baby Pool, etc. You get to name these areas based on your pool. 

“Out of the box” this grid has 6 areas (it supports up to 12). Each is labeled Lane 1, Lane 2, and so on. During non-quarantine times, this grid could be used for lap-swimmers to reserve a lane in the early morning. Many pools allow for adults, with a buddy, to swim at their own risk for exercise. So fingers crossed, this grid is only ever used for that.

Tennis figured this out long ago…

Sometimes you just have to reserve a time to go. And like your tennis courts, it’s possible to maintain safe distances. At my home club I’ve seen a lot more families playing tennis recently, which is a great way to exercise, get out of the house and play it safe during the quarantine.

If we had to do something similar for the pool, our clients now have a customizable swim grid, just like the tennis grid, with identical settings (hey, we weren’t going to spend more than a day on coding this). After naming areas, you can setup reservation types with max times per type. So for example, Family Swim might be a max of 1 hour. Lap Swim might be 30 minutes.

If the pool were open 10 hours in a day, allowing 5-6 families in at a time for 1 hour, that’s potentially 50-60 membership families using the pool in a day. That’s fair!

During Adult Swim, families could be packing up to leave and guards could do some extra spraying down of communal areas.

Like the tennis grid, caps can be put on how far in advance members can reserve as well as the max number of reservations a member can make within a certain timeframe. For example, the max could be 2 reservations in a 7 day period.

Let’s hope we are back to normal soon, but it won’t hurt to be prepared!  

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