How to Advertise Your Club on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to advertise your club to a targeted audience, and now is the perfect time to do it! Your club probably already has a Facebook page, so why not put it to use to get new members?

Your club’s Facebook page should be the public face of your club – the place where non-members can see what’s happening at the club. We’re not talking about a Facebook Group here. If you have a Group set up for your club, that’s where you can post announcements and communicate with your members. (Of course, your Pool Dues website and app is where you’ll post reminders, make announcements, tell people about upcoming events, and have people to interact with the club, but a Facebook Group is a good place for members to communicate with one another.)

So what’s the best way to advertise your club on Facebook? Let’s walk through the steps.

Choose the option to “Reach People Nearby.” You want to target people living near your club, so choose this option.



You can set your radius from the pull-down menu. Think about how many other clubs are in your area and how dense the population is. In this example, a 1-mile radius around the club could potentially reach 32,000 people! Atlanta is densely populated, so upping the radius here doesn’t make sense – there are clubs all over the place, so you’re probably paying to advertise to other clubs’ members if you adjust the radius much larger than 1 mile. But that’s Atlanta – choose the radius that’s best for your area.



Choose the age range, gender, and interests of your audience. We suggest an age range between 29-50, give or take. We also suggest advertising to both men and women. What we don’t suggest is adding specific interests. By typing in words like “swimming” or “pool” into the Interests box, you’re narrowing your potential audience, so it’s best left blank.




Choose an image for your ad. Facebook makes it easy – you can either upload a photo or simply choose one that’s already been posted on your club’s Facebook page. Also choose whether you want a map in your advertisement. We suggest toggling ON for including a map card that shows your business location. A lot of clubs are tucked away in a neighborhood, and people may not even realize there’s a swim and tennis club in the neighborhood!




Choose whether you want Automatic Placements. We suggest toggling this OFF. The default is set to ON, but we suggest you toggle this off. You don’t need to include Instagram because its advertising is not as location-specific as Facebook.




Choose your Call to Action. Use the pull-down menu to choose what you want people to do if they want to take action after seeing the ad. We suggest choosing Learn More from this menu and pointing the link to your club’s website. That way, if people are interested in what they see in your ad, they will be directed to your club website where they can learn more about the club.





Choose your budget. In this example, just $1.00 will reach between 84 and 470 people a day. That’s a great bargain! Running the ad for 2 weeks will cost $14 and potentially reach thousands of people.




Once you’ve made all your choices, click the Promote button and you’re all set!




We made a video about this process, so check it out on our YouTube Channel.

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