How to fish a tennis net cable through a net with the old cable removed

How to Fish a Tennis Net Cable Through a Net With the Old Cable Removed
February 23, 2019 Justin at PoolDues

When an old tennis net cable breaks, DO NOT remove it! The best possible scenario for replacement is attaching the new cable to the old one and pulling it through.

If you’ve stumbled onto this article, it’s probably too late for that, and you’re at your wit’s end trying to figure out how to thread a new wire through the top of the netting. You can usually get a wire about 2/3 of the way through, and then it comes to a dead stop.

Here’s what worked for one of the Facility Directors at a Pool Dues club…

Tools you’ll need…

  • Push-pull rod assembly over 42ft

  • Nylon or steel (thin) fishing wire (not tape) at or over 50ft

  • Duct tape

  • Needle nose pliers

  • High-quality string

  • Impact driver to remove worm gear clamps holding scoreboard and tennis ball holder.

1. Fish both PUSH pull rods and nylon fish wire through tennis net.

a. Assemble ~45 feet of the push-pull rods by threading them together.

    i. Two of these push-pull rod kits are needed since the net is 42ft long:

    ii. These are cheap push-pull rods, and the reason why I struck through pull is because if you pull on these they come apart and break. A more high-quality set would prevent this from happening. But as long as you are pushing these rods you’ll be OK.

2. Tape the nylon fish wire to the push-pull rods.

a. Use duct tape, but only wrap around 2 or 3 times because if it’s too thick the wire won’t fit through the ends.

    i. Nylon fish wire used:

3. Lay the net on the ground and tie the end to the pole where the fish wire will exit. 

4. Push both wires through and out the other end.

a. Pull the net tight and keep it straight while pushing the two wires through the net.

b. Its a tight fit at either end, so thin and long needle nose pliers are helpful to grab and push the assembly through.

5. Remove the duct tape and the yellow push-pull rods, leaving the red nylon wire inside the net.

6. Connect the new tennis net cable to the red nylon wire.

a. Use string to join them and then duct taped this junction. The duct tape acts as a back up while also streamlining the connection.

b. Use pliers to gently compress the loop end of the new tennis net cable so it will be easier to fit through net openings.

7. Go to the opposite end and pull the red nylon wire until the new net cable is out the other end.

a. It’s helpful to go slow as the junction enters each opening.

b. Each opening is tight, so pushing or pulling with a tool is advised over brute strength.

8. Attach the loop end to the cleat and follow your net setup guide.

a. Example net setup guide starting a few steps in:


Misc Articles and Videos:

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Setting the net to regulation spec:

Center of the net (strap) should be 37 to 38 inches tall.  Keep in mind there is a bump in the concrete where the center strap connects to the ground so the height was set to 37.5″ subtracting this bump.

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