How to Use Variable Pricing for Clubhouse Reservations

How to Use Variable Pricing for Clubhouse Reservations
May 22, 2019 Joy

We’re going through some of our YouTube videos here on the blog. Today, we’re looking at our video Clubhouse Reservations – In-Demand Pricing.

With a Pool Dues website, your members can reserve the clubhouse or pavilion online. Your members will LOVE this feature! What’s even better than letting your members make reservations online is setting variable pricing based on days and times.

Should a person reserving the clubhouse for a children’s birthday party on a Wednesday morning pay the same amount as a person reserving the clubhouse for an adult party on a Saturday night? What about a Girl Scout troop reserving the lawn on a Saturday afternoon? Should they pay the same amount as a tennis team reserving the pavilion on a Tuesday morning? Variable pricing solves this problem for you–set various prices for various days and times.

Our video about clubhouse Reservations takes you through the steps to create variable pricing for facility rentals. Some of the highlights:

  • You can set up as many facilities as you want. You can think outside the box here. Do you have a clubhouse and a pavilion? Then set up 2 facility types. What about the barn? Make a third facility type. What about the large green lawn? Want to set that up for Friday and Saturday night reservations? Great! Set that up as a facility type too.
  • You can set up as many times of day as you want. Want set different prices for morning, afternoon, and evening? Then set up 3 times of day–morning, afternoon, evening. Want to charge one price for daylight hours and another price for nighttime hours? Then set up 2 times of day–morning/afternoon and evening/night. Or name them something else–daylight hours and night hours. Or peak hours and off-peak hours. You can set the times of day that work for your club.
  • You can set up pricing for different days of the week. Want to set Mon-Thurs pricing, Friday pricing, Saturday pricing, and Sunday pricing? Great! Want to have everything free except for Friday and Saturday nights? You can do that too.
  • You can set any price you want for any combination of facility, time of day, and day of the week. Simply use the pull-down menu to choose the facility, time of day, and day of the week, and then type in your price! For example, the price for the clubhouse during the evening on a Saturday could be $120. The price for the pavilion during the morning on a weekday could be $5. You get to set whatever price you want.
  • You can set the price to $0 for certain times of the day and week. This allows people to reserve the facility online even though it’s free. There are probably some times of day and days of the week where you don’t need to charge for a reservation. Like the tennis team reserving the pavilion on a Tuesday morning. Or the Boy Scout troop reserving the clubhouse on a Thursday evening in March. You still want people to make a reservation online (to alert your board and other members that the facility is reserved), but you don’t need them to pay for it. That’s where $0 pricing comes in.
  • Reservations can remain as “pending” until paid for. Members can pay for their reservation via PayPal, and once paid for, the reservation will be confirmed. This will help get your members to actually pay (in advance) for their reservations.


Check out our YouTube video to see how it’s all done!



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