How We Make Your Swim and Tennis Club’s Website Look Amazing

How We Make Your Swim and Tennis Club’s Website Look Amazing
February 8, 2019 Justin at PoolDues

First impressions are everything to prospective members!

We beat that drum a lot here, but it’s true. If your website looks old, the assumption is that the club is run by old people. That could scare off young families. At the very least, it might make them consider joining a nearby club that appears hipper and younger.

One of the things we’ll do during the initial setup of your club is review your current online media presence. We’ll scour not only your own site but also Facebook groups, Instagram tagged photos, Yelp reviews, and Google Maps. We’ll look everywhere for actual photos of your club that are worth using. You’d be surprised what’s out there. A parent from a competing swim team who is also a hobbyist photographer might have snapped some great pics at a meet.

Our in-house designers are especially good at retouching photos of your club. Take a look at these examples…

Quite an improvement, right? As the saying goes, “fake it until you make it”. Even if your club doesn’t actually look this good in real life, it can.  String lights can always be bought. Courts can always be pressure washed. But that, of course, takes revenue. So work toward getting new members in the door, and then you can make those improvements.

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