Increase Revenue

Imagine a modern, one-stop shop for everything your club sells from year-to-year.

Anyone who has ever served on a pool board knows the job isn’t about innovation. It’s about getting the pool running 3 months out of the year and trying not to kick yourself for volunteering for the job. So things stay about the same from year to year. If the only option for renting the clubhouse last year was to pay by check, then that’ll be the only option next year. But if you ask a young couple to write a check these days, they’ll wonder if they even have a check at home. Ask them to PayPal you, and you’ll have money within 30 seconds.

Think about running the pool the way you would run a real business. Would you only accept checks? Of course not. Make it easy to accept payments. Make it modern. And most importantly, make it easy for the members.

We simplify bookkeeping down to a single store: your website. Which is where all incoming money belongs anyway these days.

Your shop includes the following products below…

(you can create an unlimited number of your own)

Special Events

We’ll set up 4 payments for special events…

– Adult Night Parties (with member and non-member prices)
– Teen Nights (with member and non-member prices)
– General Special Events
– Birthday Parties (with variable pricing based on size)


You can add as many new special event payments as needed and title them based on the event. For example, “July 4th Chili Cook-Off Competition Entry Fee.”

Clubhouse Rentals

Pool Dues supports up to 12 different facility rental options. Most organizations just have one: The Clubhouse. But if you have an outdoor pavilion, cabana area, or different rooms within your clubhouse, you can setup each one of these as a separate rental unit. Each can be reserved at different times with different pricing, and you can even make certain areas free during specific time blocks. For example, the clubhouse could be free in the morning and then paid at night. Find out more in our Reservation section of the site.

Swim Team

Many pools rely on an outside payment service to collect their Swim Team dues, which typically scrape a little charge off the top. There’s absolutely no reason for that. Start collecting dues directly through your Pool Dues portal, and remember 100% of payments go directly to your Paypal account

For Swim Team payments we’ll setup both a Member pricing option and Non-Member pricing option.

Swim Team Payment System

Swim Team Sponsors

You no longer need to collect checks from sponsors, just send past or potential new sponsors directly to your Pool Dues portal. This allows sponsors to pay immediately using the form of payment they prefer. Many businesses prefer paying by credit card for bookkeeping purposes (or they want the points on their card).  Plus, you don’t want to lose a sponsor’s pledged payment because they simply forgot or because they incurred an unforeseen expense between the time they pledged and when they actually paid. 

In-App Sponsors

This exciting new feature could in itself pay for your Pool Dues account. Each club can add unlimited businesses to be featured Sponsors in your Pool Dues Member Check-In app. You could reserve this for just Gold sponsors or allow every sponsor to be included. You can arrange them by pledge level where for example, Gold appears before Silver. After a member checks into the pool, they will see a button that says “Support a Sponsor”. In this section of the app, they can scroll through Sponsors and tap to call or visit their website. 

Woman Browsing Pool Sponsors in App
Tennis Team Payment Options for Neighborhood Pools

Tennis Team

Like Swim Team, some organizations rely on third-party processors for Tennis Team payments when it’s just not necessary. We’ll set up payment options for Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring.

You can add as many pricing variations as need be. If Singles are charged differently than Doubles teams, you can modify everything. 

“Day of” Donations

This is a non-specific contribution to whatever the event of the day is. For flexible payments like this, we setup variable pricing with a Name Your Price minimum, for example…

This way if someone brought 20 people, they could easily pay the appropriate price.

Day of donations pool payment system
Skip Work Day Payment

Skipping Workday Payment

If your club has a spring workday, you absolutely need a Skipping Workday payment. You will be amazed at how many people will pay $50 to get out of dusting Swim Team trophies or pressure washing a deck. 

Parents Night Out

A staple of every neighborhood pool, these events are usually organized by the Swim Team to raise extra money. This is typically a night-of cash payment given to the pool when parents drop off their kids, but there’s no reason you can’t sell out these events well in advance. Be sure to tell parents spots are limited and that the quickest way to guarantee a night out is to pay online.

Parents Night Out Payment System
Tennis Clinic Payment System

Tennis Clinics

Does your club organize tennis clinics or camps for junior players? Now you can collect fees directly through your Pool Dues portal.  When you announce a new clinic be sure to tell people spots are limited to create a sense of urgency that they should to go ahead and pay online! Snail-mailing a check might not ensure their spot!

Swim Lessons

You can offer Swim Lessons in your payment portal and send payment receipts directly to a particular guard who can then respond back to the parent who purchased. Every product can have unique purchase receipt emails, which makes something like this incredibly streamlined. One product might be titled  “Swim Lessons with Lifeguard Tyler,” and a second product titled, “Swim Lessons with Lifeguard Julie”. Parents can choose the guard, and either Tyler or Julie gets emailed to make arrangements to setup a time. You can even set variable pricing for the number of lessons. For example… 

Swim Lessons with Lifeguard Julie

  • Five 30 minute Lessons: Time TBD – $100

  • Ten 30 minute Lessons: Time TBD – $180

Change What’s for Sale in the Shop

Your club Treasurer can create new products and easily change what’s featured in your shop. For example, your “Family Night Dinner”  product could be changed depending on which restaurant is providing the food. This allows you to track specific earnings easier.

Any approved Board Member can upload different shop images…

Pool Dues is designed for different Board Members to have different levels of access. So for example, your webmaster can change images for products without having access to the important billing backend.

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