Space to yourself.
Use our reservation grids to handle restricted capacities or simply offer members the amenity of booking a table or lap lane.
Packed with features for all scenarios!
To help our clients open safely the first summer of Covid, we adapted our tennis reservation grid system to support an unlimited number of areas, custom blocking rules, automatic reservation shutdown rules at a certain capacity, and more features for your website or our iOS app.

Now that State's have eased restrictions, we're the first people to say "you probably don't need pool reservations anymore", but new habits die hard. For example, members with young children really like having a guaranteed table to seat toddlers. In the image below, you can get an idea of how members would book tables, and also the unique social aspect of being able to see who has booked near your table...
If your club feels towels shouldn't be what holds tables...
We can help you implement a reservation system that is fair to members that book ahead and those that just want to drop in.

For example, your club could set aside 10 tables that are reservable, and leave 20 as first-come.

Give your staff time to clean.
Block off a time increment on your grid every so often for disinfecting the facility during the day. Or have members book specific start times to guide them in and out of the facility in shifts. For example, three hour brackets beginning at noon, 3pm, 6pm would be the only available times to start a reservation. Members could be instructed to exit a half-hour prior to the next start time to allow staff to clean.
Sell tables to special events or fundraisers...
In less than 30 seconds, you can create unique products for each area of your grid. Once sold out, the product in that time slot is no longer available. You could sell entire tables or seats within an area!

Feature Overview...
  • Make use of an unlimited number of pool or fitness reservation grids.
  • Each grid can have 60 reservable areas.

  • Customize area names (Table 1, Lounger 2, Lane 3, etc).

  • Customize reservation limits on a per-grid basis, for example - number of days in advance, max per day and overall total on the grid.

  • Reservation tallies can be totaled among all grids of general type (swim, fitness or tennis).

  • Reserve blocks in timed intervals throughout the day, for example, every 3 hours.

  • Create rules to block off random times of the day or specific areas.

  • Reservations can be cancelled anytime up to the Start Time.

  • Reservations can be marked as Up for Grabs after the Start Time, then transferred to another member.

  • Reservation types can associate a number attending, for example - Single Swimmer = 1 attending.

  • Grids can automatically shut off further reservations if capacity is exceeded (even if some spots are still available).

  • Reservations can be made through our iOS app or your mobile-friendly website.

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