Learn how to merge accounts or delete unused accounts

PoolDues v.6 Documentation

Learn how to merge accounts or delete unused accounts

  Membership FAQ  

If a current member renews using an email with Paypal that we don’t recognize as either a Primary or Sub Account, it will treat this as a New Member.

The easiest solution is to make that person’s previous Primary Account a Sub-Account of the new Primary. Say what now?

Don’t worry it’s easy. And by doing so, this could be used to merge information from their previous account into their new one (for example, Year Joined, Notes, etc). Here’s a quick gif showing how to fold one member’s account into another…

Interested in a deeper explanation? Read on…

How to fold one account into another and keep data…

First take a look at the old Primary account (note that star means it’s a Primary account).  It has already expired noted by the red exclamation marks.  And you’ll notice from the arrows, we definitely have some data we want to keep.

Take a look at the newly created Primary account. ..

This is the new account created for Liam. Fortunately some of this is also new information on Liam. He’s provided a phone number at checkout, and a new email address.

So we have data in both accounts we want to keep. Let’s merge them and replace any blank fields with their previous data.

Go back to the old Primary account…

Toggle open the select menu, and chose their new Primary Account. This will make the expired account a Sub-Account of the one one, meanwhile merging any blank data. New data, which is probably their most recent, is kept.

Hit to hit Update Button if you’re following along. That’s all!

What about deleting the older account?

We could have just done that from the start if we didn’t care to merge any information. We recommend leaving in the old Primary as a sub account if you are unsure how often the member uses this account (for example, if they are logged into our app using it).

As stated elsewhere, we try to make it as easy as possible for a member to pay. For example, we don’t password-protect the Shopping Cart or force the member to only use their email on file to pay. This would cause more problems than it’s worth and ultimately lead to a bad user experience and fewer timely payments.

We believe it is far easier to merge two accounts after the fact, then deal with forcing the member to pay with a particular email.

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