Limiting when members can reserve your facilities

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Limiting when members can reserve your facilities

  Facility Reservations FAQ  

Weekly Unavailable Times

There are a number of ways to limit reservations or block them entirely. For starters, go to Board Member Dashboard > Set Weekly Unavailable Times.

On this page you can disable blocks of time on a recurring weekly basis by creating your own “rule”. You can create as many rules as necessary. For example, you could make the grid unavailable every Friday night for the Main Clubhouse between 7pm and 9pm.

These rules are simple to create and delete as needed.

Block Reservations

Another way to block off the grid is by creating actual reservations that repeat over time. For example, your Facility Manager could pick a time on the grid, then repeat this same reservation on multiple days of the week, for consecutive weeks in a row, and include more than one facility as well.

Because this method involves creating an actual reservation on the grid, this method isn’t as simple to cancel versus setting weekly unavailable times.

This method is recommended if your club has a definite commitment for a set number of weeks in a row. For example, if a Yoga instructor is teaching for 6 weeks in a row, then stopping.

Other Grid Options 

You can also fine tune how often your facilities are reserved by going to the Board Member Dashboard > Facility > Clubhouse/Facility Settings.  This is the main page for setting up your reservation grid and associating which products confirm reservations. Below are a few settings which can be used to limit reservations…

  • Minimum Days in Advance to Reserve – Setting this to zero would mean a member could reserve the facility that same day. If your club needs a week lead time, for example to hire extra guards, you could set this value to 7.

  • Maximum Days in Advance to Reserve – Setting this to a high number allows members to reserve further out in advance. Lowering the number in Spring is useful if you want to prevent members from booking Summer reservations until your club has their social calendar set. So for example, in March you may want to lower this number to something between 30-60 days to prevent reservations too far in advance.

  • Max Reservations per Member – this is the max number of reservations a single member can have at once

  • Max Reservations in One Week (for a particular facility) – to avoid overbooking a facility and asking too much of your volunteers, you can limit the number of times a facility is reserved in a week, beginning on Sunday and ending Saturday.

Disabling a Facility from being reserved altogether

It is also possible to disable a specific facility from being reserved at all. This is an easy option to toggle on or off in the Facility Settings page.

Doing so would essentially make that facility’s column on the grid be “read only”. Members could see whether or not the facility was available, but would not be able to book it. Of course, your Facility Manager would still be able to reserve it.

If you disabled self-booking using this option, your Facility Manager should read how to create a reserve for someone else.

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