Logging Expenses Using the Notes Function

Logging Expenses Using the Notes Function
June 3, 2019 Joy

We’re still going through some of the videos on the Pool Dues YouTube page. Today, we’re looking at the video Logging Expenses using the Pool Dues Board Member Dashboard.

The Board Member Dashboard is a great place for your club’s board members to keep track of expenses. And share them with other board members. It’s a safe, password-protected place for board members to communicate about club expenses.

Every board member role has the option to create a new note, so all of the different roles can log their expenses.The Tennis Director get a new net? Great! They can log it in their dashboard for all board members to see. The Social Director buy a keg for Friday night? Great! They can log it for all board members to see. The Treasurer pay the club’s accountant to do the taxes? Great! They can log it for all board members to see. You get the point. 


Another great thing about the notes feature is that your board members can categorize expenses.

As the pulldown menu says, “What best describes the cost.” This is where your board members can categorize all expenses. For example, facilities expenses could include repairs, equipment, lawn and garden upkeep, supplies like toilet paper, and propane; social expenses could include food, drinks, alcohol, a keg, party rentals like tents, entertainment, band fees, or advertising; marketing expenses could include online advertising, newspaper spots, flyers, or signs; accounting expenses could include paying the accountant, filing service fees, or software fees; swim team expenses could include things like equipment and swim meet software; and tennis expenses could include repairs and supplies.

Once a note is created, other board members can see it. Board members can also filter expenses by various metrics. This way, expenses can be tallied and kept track of over time. For example, you could filter expenses by musicians paid for social events each year–this information can tell you how much money the club spent on musicians, and it can help inform future budgeting for social events. Or you could filter by advertising expenses and see if certain times of year or certain mediums (like Facebook versus the newspaper) yield more new memberships.

What’s important is that this is a safe and secure online location for board members to see financial information. Once you get your board members used to logging their expenses on the Pool Dues Board Member Dashboard, budgeting will get a lot easier and less contentious!

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