Member Info & Member Directory

Member Info & Member Directory
May 16, 2019 Joy

In our last blog post, we talked about the Pool Dues YouTube page.

Today we’re going to look at one of the videos – Member Info Page and How it Compares to the Member Directory.

The Member Directory

It’s important to note (and tell your members) that the Member Directory is consent-based. This is information that other members will be able to see–name, address, phone number, interests, etc. Each member gets to choose which information will be shown in the Member Directory. Want to keep your phone number private? Don’t include it in the Member Directory. Want members to know that they can hire your teenage son to do yard work? Include it in the interests section of the Member Directory.

We’re written two blog posts about the Member Directory and privacy issues related to the Directory, so check those out for more details and explanations.

The Member Info Page

The member info page is just for your board members. This page is part self-updating and part manual. The self-updating part of the page pulls info from the payment info from PayPal including things like primary email address, home address. It also pulls in any information provided in the Member Directory like phone number, ages, interests, etc.

The manually updated part of the page is accessible only to the board. On this page, board members can manually add any information they want. Some clubs have member ID numbers that transfer when a bond is sold – this would be the place to manually add that number in the new member’s account.

This page is also where a board member can track demographics.

For example, you can track which members live inside the neighborhood and which live outside the neighborhood. You can also track more detailed descriptors of your membership levels. For example, you may offer a “family” membership for all types and sizes of families. On the Member Info page, you can track what types of families you have – families with babies, families with older children, families with teenagers (i.e., about to be empty nesters), etc.

Any information added (whether automatically or manually) on the Member Info page is private–this information is only for authorized board members. 

Check-In Info Page

This page is only accessible by the highest-level board members including the president, treasurer, and membership director. While there are a number of administrative things that can be done on this page (including permanently deleting a member), this page will mostly be used to reset a member’s check-in PIN.

Take a look at the full video for more info on all these pages.


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