You're in the original membership-model business.
The club's main revenue is from members paying a recurring price for access to a service. Think of your club like Netflix but for recreation. So why not use the same tools other subscription services use to run their businesses?
These members get it.
Like a lot of services these days, paying online automatically extends their membership. A volunteer does not need to organize what we can automatically.
Expirations. Because, of course.
Every member could eventually expire. Whether your members are Bonded or simply pay annual dues, a household will lose member privileges if not paid by their expiration date. That date is up to you. The member doesn't see it, but if they exceed that date they will no longer be able to do things like reserve a court or check into the pool. Think of it like a fail-safe on getting everyone to eventually pay.
A pull down menu from our Membership Overview page. Your club can easily filter who has paid and who hasn't.
Memberships are products...
...A special kind of product that will activate a new membership or renew a household's existing one. These products will also fine-tune what access purchasers have on the website. For example, a Singles Membership would NOT give the buyer the option to add sub-accounts for family members.
Leave the setup to us.
Let us know your current membership options and our team will get everything perfect - pricing, initiation fees, recurring options, etc. When you have a new membership type to sell, we are always available to make sure things stay perfect.
Installment and automatic recurring options.
Everyone benefits from recurring billing options. Whether it's the full fee annually, breaking the payments up over several months as installments, or using a non-stop monthly model, automated recurring billing makes life easier on the member and your Treasurer.
Club Health
See how many members have committed to automatically billed (recurring) plans vs. one-time payments. For future-year budgeting and expected revenue, members on recurring plans are more likely to renew.
View all your members or a segmented list using various filters. Your Membership Director or Treasurer can change what members are invoiced for, view their most recent membership payment, then dive in deeper to find more info on each household.
Member Info
We will import all the information you currently have on members. Once safe and sound in your website's database, export it back out to a spreadsheet file anytime you want.
Finding members is easy. Just search.
If you are currently maintaining your member info via spreadsheets handed down from volunteer to volunteer, welcome to a wonderful new way of doing things.
Board Members / HOA administrators can access the information stored on each member in the aptly named Member Info module. Data you would expect like address, phone number, Bond ID, year joined is all found here.. Other information ties into what the household or member has access to on the website. For example, whether or not they are allowed to reserve tennis courts. Your admins can also manually edit their number of guest passes or concession credit. Below is some, but not all of the information stored...
  • Household data, such as sub-accounts (typically spouses), dependent names / ages, and caretakers
  • Bond / Member ID's and related info such as Bond Value when joined

  • Contact info - address, phone, email(s)

  • Household demographics - Are they a Family, Senior, Single, Couple

  • Residency status (in or out of the neighborhood) and year joined

  • Interest tags - your club can define these tags, for example, Lap Swimming, Swim Team, etc...

  • Custom notes that only that member can see in the Member Dashboard - typically member-specific gate codes

  • Notes the member can NOT see. Typically internal info the Board stores on a membership

  • What access the member has - can they reserve on the pool, tennis courts or other reservation grids?

  • Inactive or complimentary membership status. Inactive members are essentially on-hold

  • Front Desk related info, such as current concession credit or number of guest passes

What members see.
The Member Dashboard is customizable, with options for tennis, swim, fitness or facility reservations, announcements, volunteer / RSVP requests, current open hours, upcoming events, account self-maintenance (like adding sub-accounts or dependents), recent purchases & mail, member directory, and more.

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