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New Features in 2019 – Invoicing Pool Members
January 18, 2019 Justin at PoolDues

Boards are getting back together and you’re probably reminded yet again that being a Board member is a bit like dining at a nice restaurant in Winter and sitting at the table closest to the door. Everyone else has it a little bit better than you do.

But we’re here to help, with new Invoicing features!

Justin here, lead developer and founder of So I sat down with my club’s new Treasurer a couple weeks ago, who was just coming off a meeting with our old Treasurer that gave him the rundown on how things were done in the past. Every year the previous treasurer sent out invoices generated from Quickbooks. And as it turned out, he was still manually keeping track of who was an active member. But wait, that’s something PoolDues does automatically for you! Old habits die hard I guess.

Except there was one BIG thing PoolDues wasn’t doing that Quickbooks was. We weren’t emailing invoices.  PoolDues has always had the option to automatically remind members that payments were due (or past due) but it was a bit too friendly of an email.

I was overlooking the gravitas of the Official Club Invoice Letter.  Numbers in columned boxes with words like “DUE NOW” do scare people.

So I told my new Treasurer, don’t waste a perfectly good football Sunday creating and sending an invoice to every member.  The PoolDues database has everything we already need to send people a frightening invoice letter. I just have to format it that way….

So we’ve got proper Invoicing now!

And it’s smart too.We will never invoice a member that has a Recurring payment plan setup.  That’s important because….

  1. It’s completely unnecessary.

  2. We don’t want to bother them with a million invoices because they probably signed up for a Recurring payment plan to be left alone

  3. People forget stuff. Like whether or not they signed up for automatic payments a year ago. So it’s entirely possible you end up with someone paying twice.

Once someone pays for the current year, the invoicing system will leave them alone. So if you start mass invoicing in February, and do it every couple of weeks, eventually less and less people get emailed.

By April or so, then you can start paying attention to the people that haven’t paid. We have a neat heat-map type feature that shows who isn’t current (very useful when it’s close to the start of the season).

Which brings us to Custom Invoicing

So what happens with those stubborn end-of-spring members that just wait till the last second to pay. You can keep having the Invoice Bot send them mailings, but if you want to really put the screws to them, you can send them a custom invoice with LATE FEES. Yup, you can go there.

But custom invoices can be used for anything really. If you want to invoice a new member with the Membership and Initiation fees, with a nice custom message, you can do so. The payment link will take them directly to the cart, with all those products you invoiced them for.    

So that’s two BIG features in 2019 and it’s only a few weeks in. Want to watch some TV?….


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