The difference between Primary Purchasers and their Sub-Accounts

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The difference between Primary Purchasers and their Sub-Accounts

  Membership FAQ  

Anyone who pays for a product marked as a “Membership” will be added as the Primary Purchaser in your internal (Board-eyes only) directory. If they are a returning member, we simply extend their membership 365 days or to your Fiscal Calendar.

Depending on your settings some Membership products will allow Primaries to add a Sub Account. For example, Family and Couple memberships typically allow for at least 1 Sub Account.  A Singles Membership shouldn’t allow for any Sub Accounts.

You can assign which products are considered memberships in the Member Dashboard > Financial > Membership Products link. Your account must be set to Accountant level, to make changes to membership settings.

The screenshot to the right shows what it looks like in the Member Info page when a Primary account has added a Sub-Account. This is also where your Board can enter extra information about your members. This could be child names, year joined, special cases, notes for other Board Members, comments from Front Gate Attendants (“their kids mouthed off to me”), etc.

Who can do what?

Primary purchasers can create Sub-Accounts, manage account balances for pre-paid credit (for example, divide concession credit between two sub-accounts), reserve courts, facilities, update their directory profile, and of course, check into the pool.

Sub-accounts can also reserve courts, facilities update their directory profile, and of course, check into the pool.

Should children be sub-accounts?

Generally, no. If a child can’t go to the pool alone or play on the courts solo, they really don’t need their own account.  The picture to the right shows it is possible, but we don’t recommend it.

Your guards or staff using our Front Desk app will probably want to photograph anyone with a Primary or Sub-Account for verification, so here again is another reason you may not want children having their own accounts (if the parent isn’t comfortable with those photos being taken).

There’s another solution for checking in kids (and tracking attendance data).

Parents with a Primary account, can list their children’s names and birthdates WITHOUT a sub-account, so the attendant can see hold old a child is and ask their name.

This should be enough verification for most clubs (it’s a pool, not the White House).

Every account needs an email address associated with it (for recovery and contact purposes), something younger kids probably don’t have.



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