Only Members can fill in their Directory Information

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Only Members can fill in their Directory Information

  Membership FAQ  

Let’s get this out of the way: The Member Directory is an entirely different part of your PoolDues website than the Member Info module in the Board Member Dashboard (example here). Get to know the differences before reading further…


The Member Directory

The Member Directory:  this is an optional, member’s only section of the website where club members can search for information on other members that have OPTED into having specific information available, for example: name, email, phone #, kid names / ages, pets, interests, bio, whether they have babysitter-aged kids, and so on.

The Member Info Module

The Member Info module (see example here): this is a Board Member only section of your website, that contains whatever information you want to store on your members. Board members can search for members by email or name, and they can easily export out this entire database to a CSV file. Aside from the most common data (like name, email, phone, address), your club can store various note fields, demographics, year joined, special cases, etc. When we launch your website, the Member Info module will already be full of information, as part of the initial setup with your club will be to import what you already keep track of with your members. This module will update with changes your members make themselves, or as new Membership orders come in, we will use payment data (like name, phone, address) to populate new member data.


Why is the Member Directory 100% Consent Based

Imagine joining a gym and finding out your info and EVERY other member’s information was suddenly available?  You would be incensed, as that’s a completely unnecessary, unwanted feature of joining a gym.

In this privacy-minded world, neighborhood swim and tennis clubs should let the member decide what they want to share. The member MAY decide they want to embrace the social aspects of a community organization and share everything about themselves. The member MAY decide they are not comfortable sharing anything at all.

Case example 1: A male member takes a liking to a female member at the club, and gets her email address or cell phone number from the club directory. Or they simply get the member’s last name and use that to find them on social media. Or worse, this scenario may play out with a member’s teenage children.

Case example 2: A city-council member joins your club, and would rather not have every member know they are occasionally poolside to engage in conversation about potholes or signage.

Are Member Directories even relevant anymore?

Nowadays if two people meet at the pool, they will exchange phone numbers right then and there, or find each other on Facebook. Both actions are consent-based. As in, “I’m okay giving you my number” or “I’m okay with you being my Friend”.

Here in the 2020’s, the club has no business facilitating un-consented connections.  Member Directories made a lot of sense in 1970, nowadays, they simply don’t.

But your club is welcome to use our consent-based Member Directory, and encourage members to fill in their information if they choose! 

All we ask for is member consent. It’s that simple.

Your by-laws aren’t THE law…

While we try our best to help every club adhere to their by-laws, this one particular issue is not something we will create a back-door for.

With that said, the opt-in Member Directory we’ve created for our clubs can be toggled off entirely, and if the Board so chooses they can upload a member-only document listing whatever member information they want.

If you do this, keep the following in mind:

  • Members should immediately be removed upon request.

  • The information your Board has on members could be more personal than you realize. Don’t assume the phone number or email you have on file is one they want shared. A work phone or work email is probably not what they want posted.

  • Please make it clear in any documents uploaded why you are sharing this information and where your club got consent to do so (i.e. “By joining our club, you granted us consent to share this information”). Remember though most members have not thoroughly read your club by-laws, and this implied consent may come as a big surprise

  • States have different privacy law. Before uploading any document with a member’s personal information, the Board should familiarize itself with those laws (for example, how quickly takedown requests need to be honored).

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