Pennsylvania Pool Dramatically Increases Winter-time Revenue with New Website

One of our newest pools, Neshannock Pool in New Castle, Pennsylvania, has seen an exciting uptick in earnings since switching to a Pool Dues website from their old and outdated website.

Within 31 days of launching their Pool Dues website, the pool had over  $14,000 in online sales thanks to a winter promo email and the ability for members to pay online. While recurring billing is a great feature for your pool’s members, this particular winter promo was such a good deal that the pool decided to remove the recurring payment option so as to not lock anyone into too good of a discounted deal. Not only did this one-time offer attract new members, but it attracted current members to renew their memberships early and pay online.

Neshannock Pool’s secretary wanted to make the move to Pool Dues because he was tired, as the money person at the club, with dealing with check payments from the pool’s 300+ members. “My biggest pain was that most people pay by check, so I have to manually update my own database,” he said. Now that the pool uses a Pool Dues website and has integrated PayPal options, he said that most people are paying online!

Imagine how exciting that would be for your pool’s secretary – no more dealing with checks mailed to some P.O. Box that has to be checked periodically. Not only does the mailbox not have to be checked with PayPal integrated into the website, but the secretary doesn’t have to go to the bank and deposit dozens of checks. And he or she doesn’t have to manually (and potentially incorrectly) update the books. What a time saver!

Listen, your pool’s board of directors are most likely volunteers. They love the pool community so much they’re willing to give their time, talents, and energy to serving on the board. But no one wants to serve on a board that’s more hassle than it’s worth. Neshannock Pool’s secretary is a volunteer – he loves his pool and wants it to run smoothly; he doesn’t want to spend hours driving around town to the mailbox and the bank, and he doesn’t want to waste his precious time manually updating the pool’s books and database. By switching to a Pool Dues website, he can use his time and energy on the more important parts of being the club’s secretary – attracting new members, making sure current members are happy, and making sure the club has enough money to keep the facilities in good order.

Do your volunteer board members a favor and make their lives easier – switch over to a Pool Dues website!


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