Pool Chemical Safety

We know, it’s boring. Pool chemical safety. Still, your Board is responsible for the safety of your members, and chemical safety is one part of a safe pool. So, let’s talk best practices for pool chemicals.

  • Never ever mix pool chemicals together, as it could cause a fire or an explosion
    • Make sure you have separate measuring cups for each chemical
    • Organic chlorinating agents shouldn’t be mixed with inorganic chlorinating agents
    • Hardness increasers shouldn’t be mixed with alkalinity increasers
    • Don’t add a shocking agent to pool water that has a high level of metals or enzyme-based products
  • Only store like chemicals next to one another
    • Don’t store oxidizers alongside acids
    • Use storage cabinets for different types of chemicals
    • If you don’t have storage cabinets, at least store different types of chemicals away from one another
    • Make sure your storage area is cool, well-ventilated, and, most importantly, dry
  • Always add chemicals to the water, not water to the chemicals
  • Don’t add shock directly to the pool
    • Dissolve it in a bucket of water first
    • Don’t add shock during the day; wait until the sun goes down as it can burn off some of the chemicals thus reducing its effectiveness


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