Pool Member Check-In Kiosk

A Member Check-In Kiosk for the Whole Family…


If you can’t sit someone at the front desk to manually check members in, you can use our self-service kiosk. All your club needs is an iPad, a kiosk case/stand, and you’re ready to go. Our same Member Check In app can be switched into “Kiosk mode” to quickly sign in all your verified members.


Through your Pool Dues portal, members can add sub-accounts under their main membership. So for example, a parent can add a child account. Kids that are old enough to walk themselves to the pool can then check in (using their own PIN), and parents can see on their phone at home that their child checked in.


Nearly every pool has guest fee pricing, but many just don’t enforce their own fees. Some are reluctant to regularly check a cash box (or had cash stolen in the past). The Kiosk gives all members a quick view of anyone that brought a guest and who’s paid for their guests. This encourages guest fees through honesty.

Enabling Kiosk Mode

Our Member Check-In app for iOS can be used in kiosk mode with special login credentials given to your club’s board. Once enabled, the app lists every member’s name in a spinning picker wheel. Members can find their name quickly and then enter their PIN to check in.

iPad with Kiosk Screen for Pool Member Check In App

The Member Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel lists every member name and displays who is currently checked in, who brought guests (and if those guests were paid for), and who checked out that day. This gives members an overview of the day’s activities at the pool. Essentially, it’s the same information a paper sign-in sheet provides.

Member is currently checked in

Member brought guests

Member checked out today

Clock Icon for pool member check in

Paying Guest Fees

If a member toggles on that they’ve brought a guest, you don’t want the kiosk itself to send them to a payment page. Members lingering at the front gate too long just means other members will skip signing in. Plus, since the kiosk iPad is a shared device, you don’t want people accidentally saving payment info on it.

Since the app already has member emails on file, we simply prompt the member to send themselves an email reminder which contains a link to pay via PayPal from your portal. This way they can go sit down, unpack, and pay when ready.

Pay your Pool Guests fees online with email reminder
Close up view of Guest Icon with Paid Guests

A Better Honor System

When a member checks in with guests, their name in the picker changes to ” + ?‍?‍?‍?“. If the member pays guest fees through your Pool Dues billing portal, their name changes to ” + ?‍?‍?‍? (paid)”.

Plus, the bottom of the kiosk screen will show more details. Here’s two examples….

“Member checked in at 3:47 and brought guests.”

“Member checked in at 3:47. Paid $6 via PayPal for guests.”

This encourages members to proudly show off that they’ve paid for their guests while providing more transparency than an anonymous cash box.

And, of course, you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your cash box.

Two Great Ways to Sign In

An iPad and kiosk case will make your pool stand out as a club that takes membership seriously. Not just to your own members but also to prospective members. Plus, there is an obvious intimidation factor for anyone that sees a check-in kiosk if they are considering crashing the club. 

So, while we think the investment is a worthy one, we understand that not every club will put an iPad at the front desk. For FREE, we will ship your club a high quality laminated front desk sign (with stand) to encourage members to download the check in app.

Even if you choose to use an iPad kiosk, we still recommend you place this sign for members to see. Ideally, your members have both options. The Member Check-In app (not in kiosk mode) has social benefits, club news, and shop and sponsor links that you’ll want people to engage with. 


Sign for Member Check in At Pool

Try out our app today…

After downloading the app, use these check-in credentials…

Search for Pool: Demo
Email:  demo@pooldues.com
Pin: 1111

On iOS you can toggle between trying out the app in kiosk mode or member mode.

Learn how to keep people from closing the Member Check-In app when in kiosk mode…

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