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Manage your members. Increase sales. Save time.
For $1999 per year, all our clients receive...
  • Hosting of your current website on one of our dedicated servers with SSL Certificate.
  • Initial setup and ongoing backend adminstration, including security updates and daily backups.

  • Website store connected to your Paypal account. Payments go directly to your club!

  • Membership product setup and import of your current membership database

  • Unlimited product creation and store sales.

  • Front page redesign / re-creation of essential pages from your previous site.

  • Unlimited reservable courts / pool areas / fitness areas.

  • Automated facility / party rental areas.

  • Wait list module - a huge revenue generator for our clients!

  • Built in communications to email your entire club or segments.

  • Sponsorship sales module - another huge revenue generator for our clients!

  • Front desk check-in iPad apps for attendants or members to self-check-in.

  • iOS app for members to reserve courts, lap lanes, tables, cabanas, whatever!

  • No setup fee! And we will port over pages from your old site.

  • Dedicated Account Manager (you will never waste time waiting on Support Tickets). Call us right up! And support is ALWAYS FREE!

  • NO contract AND we will lock in the price below for a minimum of 3 years!

PoolDues-Powered Website

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Benefit from reduced fees
As a Paypal Partner, our clients are eligible for reduced transaction fees. We will make sure your Paypal account is setup perfectly for a non-profit, with the latest Paypal webhooks, so your members have a seamless checkout experience with every payment option.

Your shop is always open.
If your website doesn't already have a store and shopping cart, this alone makes a huge difference in revenue. Everything from new memberships to club swag is a product in your store. Your pool might close in the Fall but website sales will continue year round.
Sponsorship revenue.
Your club has plenty of realtors, orthodontists, and other small business owners that would love to connect more with your community. Our software helps turn their sponsorship into a promotional-spend they will want to commit to year after year.

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Wait List Fees
We make it easy for prospective members to pay for your Wait List Application Fee product. Whatever you charge, it will be worth it. No one wants their children to miss out on Summer fun (you probably won't even need to resort to sad background images likes this).

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Increase sales of everything else.
Guest fees. Concession sales. Fees for late-season lap swimming. Tennis clinics. Tips for lifeguards. Caretaker add-on's. Swim team registrations. Crowd-funded facility improvements. Swim lessons. Social events. Donations. Women's or Men's club dues. Assessments. Swag.

Our clients have figured out they can sell ANYTHING.

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Cost Neutral.
If your club only makes back what our services cost, well, you're still coming out on top. But the trend we see with ALL our clients is they make tens of thousands more.

The image to the right shows a sampling of client sales comparing their total website revenue starting in either 2019 or 2020 and this last year. Some are up 20k, some are up 120k!

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