Pricing – Advanced Booking

Advanced Booking Add-on

•   Require Pre-Paid Passes to make certain reservation types, for example, to book a court with a guest.
•   Reservations can require standard Guest Passes or Per-Product Passes.
•   Per-Product Passes are unique to a particular store product, for example, a member might have Tennis Guest Passes as well as Pool Guest Passes.
•   Reservation types can require another Member's name OR Pre-Paid Pass (ensuring the courts are used exclusively by members or guest fees are paid).

Passes for Classes / Clinics...

•   Passes can also be used to sign up for swim classes, tennis clinics or other events, for example, the club could sell Beginner Swim Class Passes.
•   Passes allow members to pay beforehand then sign up immediately once a class is scheduled on your reservation grid.
•   Since members are not simultaneously trying to checkout for in-demand classes, your classes will not get overbooked.
•   Passes cut down on refunds, since members can un-enroll from clinics or classes and get their passes returned.
•   Passes are stored in a Member's account (and do not expire).

More Features...

•   This add-on also includes Bill-Me-Later reservation types as well as Pending reservations which require staff approval (for example, Request a Lesson) .

For new clients, the yearly price below includes both our Base Package and Advanced Booking Module.

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