Base Package

For $1499 per year, all our clients receive...

•   Hosting of your website on one of our dedicated servers.
•   Automatic software updates of modules included in our base plan.
•   SSL Certificate.
•   Initial setup and ongoing backend adminstration.
•   Daily backups.
•   Website store connected to your Paypal account. Payments go directly to your club!
•   Membership product setup and import of your current membership.
•   Unlimited product creation and store sales.
•   Front page redesign / re-creation of essential pages from your previous site.
•   Unlimited reservable courts.
•   Unlimited reservable pool / fitness areas.
•   Unlimited facility rental areas.
•   Built in communications to email your entire club or segments.
•   Sponsor sales module for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.
•   Use of all our Member and Front Desk iOS Apps.
•   See our more exhaustive Feature list for everything included in our base price here.

Our $1499 yearly plan is usually all our clients need to start with if they do not have a Wait List.


Wait List Module.

Have we gotten your club onto a Wait List? Sweet. We charge a bit more for this feature, but get ready to make a lot more! All while making wait list management nearly automated for your volunteers. Find out more.

Advanced Booking Module

The perfect upgrade for clubs with active tennis programs or swim classes that sell out in minutes. Members can sign-up for clinics booked on your reservation grid using Pre-Paid Passes. Your club can also require members use Tennis Guest Passes to play with non-members! Find out more.

Email Add-On

Get up to 10 domain-based email boxes for under $5 per month. If that's a sweeter deal than what your domain registrar offers, let's chat! Upgraders can also send site-based communications from any of those email addresses.

Official Sponsors

Our base package has always included our money-making Sponsor module for Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze level sales. Sponsors at our client's clubs have discovered this is such a great way to get their business recognized, they've asked to pay more for more perks! If your club has sponsors willing to pay ABOVE Platinum levels, we've got an upcoming solution for those VIP's.

All prices are per year. Add on's must be purchased one at a time for Paypal to setup a yearly Billing Agreement.

Some of our clients from around the country...

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