Need a Free Trial to be convinced?

We’ll setup a PoolDues portal at no-risk to your club. We’re confident you’ll love using all our features, while evaluating PoolDues. Your portal will be live for actual purchases, reservations, pool check-in’s, and everything else listed above.

What we need to setup your paid or trial account…

  1. The Paypal email your club receives funds at (we do NOT need to login to your account). If your club doesn’t yet have a Paypal account, it only takes a few minutes to create one. Click here or the link below…

  2. Current Member list. Anyone can download our Member Check In app for iOS, Android or Kindle, but in order to actually check into your pool, we need to import your current members to our database using an Excel or CSV document, with 4 columns. First Name, Last Name, Email, Membership Type (Family, Couples, Senior, Single). 

  3. Club name and website.

That’s it! We can usually figure out the rest on our own based on the info on your site. If your current membership prices are not public, please provide us with those.