$999 per year / one flat fee for everything below

💻 Hosting your site

🏗 The entire initial setup. We make it as turn-key as possible (you’ll do zero setup!)

🌅 Graphical overhaul. If you don’t have site-worthy photos of your club, we have plenty of stock images.

🛍 An integrated store for ALL your receivable payments (memberships, sponsor ads, guest fees, etc.)

👨‍⚖️ Our unique Board Member Dashboard created for neighborhood swim and tennis clubs

🎾 Our proprietary tennis court reservation grid

🏡 Our proprietary facility booking system

👤 Our member dashboard and searchable directory

📱 Adding your club to our iOS/Android app so members can check in from their mobile device and reserve courts.

📖 The option to replace your front desk guestbook with an iPad running the Check-In Kiosk version of our app*

📨 White-labeling all email sent from your site.  You can be sure invoices, purchase receipts and other club-related emails are delivered.

🐵 Connecting your site to MailChimp to track which newsletter campaigns generate the most sales (if you don’t use them yet, they have a free plan for under 2000 subscribers).

☎️ Support whenever you need it

🛒 Marketing tips. We love sharing what works for clubs like yours!

*iPad not included, but most likely someone at your club has an iPad they don’t mind loaning out for the summer. It’s a fun addition to your front desk table!

Should a volunteer really be running your e-commerce?

If a pipe breaks at your club, do you call a board member to fix it? No, you call a professional plumber. Unfortunately, most clubs don’t hire a professional company to maintain their website and e-commerce, leaving your site unsecure and behind industry standards.

Consider this: your organization is essentially a small business, making anywhere between 75k to 250k a year. Is it worth putting a volunteer in charge of your most important tool for receiving income and finding new members?

We all know no one wants to be on the Board forever. Whoever manages your site now, will transition out eventually. With PoolDues you get a consistent service to run one of the most important aspects of your club.

How can your club save money?

Most clubs are already paying for website hosting, which is around $200-300 per year. Tennis court reservation software is typically $50 per court per year. So, for a 6-court club, that’s $300 per year. Clubhouse reservation software is typically another $100-200 per year. SSL certificates are around $30-40 per year.

After becoming a Pool Dues site, you can stop paying separate fees for all those services. Not only will your overall bill go down, but all of your services will be in one place.

How can your club make extra revenue with Pool Dues?

Sponsor / Ad revenue

Real estate agents, dentists and carry-out restaurants LOVE advertising on neighborhood swim and tennis sites because your visitor traffic is either local residents OR prospective residents! 

Your club’s ads (and only your club’s) are shown at the footer of your site AND within the Member Check In whenever someone checks in or reserves a tennis court. With that amount of exposure in mind, charging $300-500 a year for a Sponsorship is more than reasonable.

Our flagship club did over $2000 more in sponsorship sales their first year. 


Sounds great, how do we get started?

After purchasing, we will begin setting up your site as a subdomain, for example, We will create an outstanding homepage based on your club. If you can give us access to any Facebook groups with available photos that helps. We also have a huge selection of stock photos we can use. We will setup all your membership tiers (Family, Singles, Seniors) with the correct Initiation or Pool Bond fees.

Once ready, the subdomain will be live for actual purchases, reservations, pool check-in, new sponsor revenue, and everything else. We can also import in your current membership so they can use the court grid and other features right away (before paying for the next calendar year).

What’s the next step?

We can immediately point your main domain to our server and your new Pool Dues-powered site is live! Your current domain will no longer point to your old site, and your Board can all celebrate with champagne like a NASA launch crew.

Or, you can wait for the perfect moment to launch the site. Days, weeks, it’s totally up to you.  We have some clubs that are holding off for the tennis season to finish or for their fiscal year to start. During this time, you can use your gorgeous looking new site for prospective member recruitment (we recommend boosting Facebook posts within a 1-2 mile area of your club).

So a slow roll-out is possible?

Yes. You are welcome to run your old and new site simultaneously. We even have built-in settings to redirect pages like your tennis grid and clubhouse reservation calendar back to your old site.

We know transitioning websites seems like a big deal. Whether it’s this year or five years from now, your club WILL have to modernize. Delaying the inevitable costs your Boards Members their time, and it forces your members to use outdated methods for simple things like reserving a court or paying the club.

The most important thing is that you begin moving in the right direction. That starts with a Board Member stepping up and saying, “It’s time we do this”.

Call for a Board vote, and get started…

Your site is in great hands

We host your site. We maintain it. We fix any issues that emerge. We make sure you stay compliant with PayPal’s requirements and state-by-state privacy requirements. We keep your site updated and secure. And most important, we are creating NEW tools constantly to make life easier for Board Members. After rigorous testing, we push updates to every one of our clubs. You never need to fuss with updating plugins or software! 

If you don’t know how to do something, we show you. We understand board members come and go, so we’re here to on-board new volunteers as needed.

Trust us, we got this.

🏝 Pool Dues is an LLC. Text or call 706-ESCAPES for urgent issues.
When we aren't at the pool, we are writing code in the Atlanta area. 🍑