Redesign and Update Your Club’s Website for the New Year

Redesign and Update Your Club’s Website for the New Year

In the span of just two short weeks, your old and outdated club website could be completely remade for 2019! Seriously, imagine going from this:

to this:


When you come onboard with Pool Dues, the typical time frame from staging your club’s website to going live is two weeks. Some great things this particular club did with their new website:

  • highlighted their new waterslides on the landing page
  • spotlighted their 4th of July fireworks display
  • alerted members to the club’s poolside wifi
  • notified members about the upcoming iPad check-in kiosk
  • highlighted their own members having a fantastic time at the pool!

It’s time to ditch your tired old pool website. Especially if you need a dedicated webmaster to figure out how to make changes! Maintaining an exciting website for your club should be easy – anyone with the ability to drag and drop, click a mouse, and type on a keyboard can maintain a website with Pool Dues. Seriously. It’s that easy.

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