Tennis Reservations and Facility Booking Built In…


Your PoolDues portal includes an integrated tennis court reservation system with up to 12 courts. Members are given access automatically when they pay their dues. Likewise, if a member’s account is past due, their court reservation access is restricted (which will obviously speed up renewals).  Our system is identical to popular systems that charge as much as $50 per court per year.


Included with your PoolDues portal is a facility booking system. If your organization has a clubhouse, pavilion or something as simple as a primo spot by the pool, you can allow members to reserve it, either for free or paid. You can add up to 12 rentable areas for members, with plenty of customizable options for your Clubhouse Manager.


When members check into your PoolDues portal they are directed to a Member Dashboard, where they can review their Clubhouse and Tennis Court bookings. Board Members have a separate dashboard where Tennis Directors, Clubhouse Managers and other approved admins can customize reservation grids, cancel / approve bookings, and much more.

Our tennis reservation system is built in. When a membership expires so does their court access!

Most reservation plugins charge $50 per court per year. The Pool Dues tennis court reservation system has a modern, mobile-responsive design, and best of all it costs nothing more for up to 12 courts.

Since it is completely integrated with the rest of your payment portal, if a membership is past due, that member will no longer be able to reserve a court.  Now that’s incentive to pay your dues on time!

Your club’s Tennis Director (or other approved Board Member) has separate reservation options as well as a control panel to adjust the following grid options…

– Start and End Times
– Total Courts
– Days in Advance to Reserve
– Max Concurrent Reservations / Max per Day
– Court Names
– Custom-Named & Colored Reservation Types (i.e. General, Match, Team Practice, ALTA, etc.)
– Max Booking Time for Each Reservation Type.

Tennis Directors can cancel or partially cancel any reservation. Block reservations are incredibly easy.  For example,  your Tennis Director can book courts 1,2 and 3 for every Tuesday and Wednesday for 5 weeks in a row. 

Tennis Director Settings and Block Reservation Options

Tennis Directors can block reserve courts on multiple days and multiple courts for consecutive weeks
tennis director dashboard

An integrated booking system for your clubhouse, cabanas, pavilions and more!

Just like our tennis reservation system, our facility booking grid is 100% proprietary and built directly into the Pool Dues backend. Only your club members have access to it, and if a member is past due they will no longer be able to make a reservation at your facility.  You can add up to 12 different reservation units with custom names based on what your club has to rent out. For example, Clubhouse, Outdoor Pavilion, Cabana, etc.

You can add up to 3 time slots, for example, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, and each of those can have different pricing for each facility option. You can even set free times as well. So for example, your main clubhouse could be free in the morning, $50 in the afternoon, and $150 in the evening. If a member’s booking exceeds a single time slot (e.g., afternoon into evening), they are prompted to pay for both slots.

You can include a Terms of Use / Rental Agreement for each rental facility and require members to toggle on that they have agreed to those terms prior to renting. There is an option for both free and paid slots. In lieu of a reservation deposit this rental agreement can let members know the cost they will be expected to pay if they damage the facility. If damages are not paid, you can restrict access to their account and revoke their entire club membership if need be.

Alternatively, you can also add a required deposit to each purchase. If you do this, your Treasurer will simply need to refund the deposit for each renter. PayPal charges nothing for refunds. 

Members book. Pay. And then magic…. it’s confirmed!

Booking System for Paypal Clubhouse or facility reservations

Your Clubhouse Manager is going to love this! No more micro-managing reservations, and, most importantly, no more collecting separate checks and ripping up deposits. Members pick a date, select a timeframe, pay, and voila! Their reservation is marked as “Confirmed”. 

If a member wants to pay by check, your Clubhouse Manager can manually mark a reservation as Confirmed. 

Make anything “reservable” via the Clubhouse Manager’s dashboard…

Clubhouse Reservation System Dashboard for Board Member

Clubhouse Managers can see all reservations at glance from the board member dashboard….

Board Member Dashboard for Clubhouse Manager

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