Pay-to-Confirm Facility Bookings

If you have a clubhouse or even just a covered pavilion, you can make extra revenue by renting it out.

Give your clubhouse manager a break.
We automate it all.

No more clubhouse checks!

To rent your facilities members just pick a date and time, agree to terms, then pay through Paypal!

Agree to Terms

When members rent your facility make sure they understand their responsibilities and penalties if the facility is damaged. You can change these terms on a per-unit basis.

Too many reservations?

Is your poolside pavilion or clubhouse getting too many reservations? Disable any of your facilities on particular times each week. You can also cap the number of reservations in a week.

Hourly or Block Pricing

We know every club is different. Choose between pricing hourly or by blocks like Morning, Noon or Evening. Members choose a length and pay through Paypal

Give your clubhouse manager a break.
We automate it all.

Bypass Pay-to-Confirm

Not all your facilities need to go to the shopping cart to be confirmed. We can leave reservations Pending and redirect members to finalize a reservation with your Clubhouse Manager.

Support for up to 12 areas

Who says you only have to rent out the clubhouse. Our reservation system is so automated, you can buy new poolside furniture and easily make back the cost renting them out.

Alternate Pricing

Do you charge more on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays? If you'd like to try making a bit more on your more in-demand days, we've got options!

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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