See Who’s at the Pool

Have you ever tried to text your friend to see if they’re at the pool? But you don’t hear back because they’re in the pool?

I don’t know about you, but I use the Find My Friends app on my phone only for my family members.I know the name says Find My Friends, but I don’t actually share my location with people other than my family. But sometimes I wish I could track my friends to see if they’re on their way over, if they’re already at the bar, or if they’re at the pool.

Our Pool Dues Check In App can’t help with all of those situations, but it can help you know which of your friends are currently at the pool. By clicking on “See who’s at Your Club,” you can see a list of everyone that has checked in at the pool. No more waiting for your friend to get out of the pool and check their phone – simply open the Pool Dues Check In App and see who’s at the pool!

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